Il Gato / All These Slippery Things
Album: All These Slippery Things   Collection:General
Artist:Il Gato   Added:Jan 2012

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1. Jul 22, 2021: Gurlz RuLe (rebroadcast from Apr 10, 2013)
All These Birds In My Hair
4. May 03, 2013: Time Traveler
I Stayed Up All Week
2. May 15, 2013: GurLz rULe
The Snapping Sound
5. May 01, 2013: Gurlz Rule
The Sky Seemed So Red Today
3. May 14, 2013: Home Free
The Slippry Waltz
6. Apr 20, 2013: Music Casserole
The Sky Seemed So Red Today

Album Review
catherine harris
Reviewed 2013-04-01
Local, SF based indie/folk band that really highlights instrumentation – many of these songs have long solo interludes between verses, and about 1/3 of the tracks are exposed duets and completely instrumental. They have an interesting mix of typical folk instruments (fiddle, upright bass, harmonica) and more classically rooted styles/instruments (french horn, solo violin, cello). The vocals are very reminiscent of Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes, with a very small range of notes and a kind of gasping/raw delivery. They work well here over the lush, deep instrumental sound that tends to be kind of minor or wistful. They’ve opened for Sam Amidon – very similar sound. Stand-out tracks are 3, 6, 11. FCCs: 5, 7

1. (0:54) Short interlude with piano and guitar, leads straight into next song
2. (4:46) Laid back, waltzing tempo, tinkling piano and acoustic guitars, soothing brass, very pleasant, Conor Oberst-esque vocals, last minute is a bunch of sung “do-doo”s, ends abruptly
3. (9:02)* More minor, up tempo, layered strings, nice gravely bass and banjo add urgency, long instrumental interludes between verses with harmonica solos, last minute+ builds, ends abruptly
4. (1:48) Exposed upright bass/cello/violin round
5. (5:42) FCC (“shit”) Plucked violin/muted trumpet/banjo opening, up tempo, chorus/many voiced vocals, celebratory, deep sound. Too bad about FCC ☹
6. (3:05)*** Kind of droning/one note vocals very reminiscent of Bright Eyes, jazz piano, upbeat, jangly, ends abruptly
7. (2:12) FCC Keeps similar sound from 6, handclapping, strong percussion and half-shouted chorus
8. (2:33) Minor waltz, builds with lots of cymbal crashes, droning vocal rounds finish out the last minute and fade out
9. (6:32) Up beat tempo, minor, most blues-y track, solo fiddle, drops off for harmonica duet 3 min in then builds up, cool trumpet doodles beneath vocals, fades out
10. (1:35) Sad piano solo, slow, long rests
11. (3:35)** Acoustic guitar and piano, mid-tempo, unrequited love song, raw vocals, solid
12. (8:06) Epic french horn solo opens, mid tempo, lilting vocals, sweeping, building trumpet and acoustic guitar, last minute instrumental
13. (5:06) Shuffle beat, multi-voiced vocals, celebratory, up beat, big, layered sound, drops off after 3 min for melancholy violin solo

Track Listing
1. The First Waltz   7. In The Lightning It Is Written
2. All These Birds In My Hair   8. The Rollicking Waltz
3. The Snapping Sound   9. Chocolate Lemonade
4. The Slippry Waltz   10. The Last Waltz
5. On Feathers & Arrows (On Burnt Pine)   11. I Stayed Up All Week
6. Burning Red (The Fa Fa Fa Song)   12. The Sky Seemed So Red Today
  13. We Are All In The Clouds