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Sat Sep 02, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
GoblinSuspiriaSuspiria OST / Cinevox
HarvestmanThe Burning Of Tara
Lashing The Rye / Neurot Recordings
CheesebergerI'd Like To Be A RobotUitgebergerd / Laterax Records
Hans Grusel's KrankenkabinetMoog System 15 Variation One
Happy As Pitch / C.I.P and Snse
Wendy CarlosHorror Show
Rediscovering Lost Scores - Vol.1 / East Side Digital
In Slaughter NativesAmong The Lost And WordlessPurgaite My Stain / Cold Meat Industry
JaculaVenrgiviumIn Cuada Semper Stat Venenum / Black Widow
ZombiChallenger Deep
Surface To Air / Relapse Records
Rudimentary PeniThe GardenerThe EPs of RP / Outer Himalyan
Dennis Most And The InstigatorsPsychotic Reaction
Diggy Diggy Dead! / Rubble Records
MinistryKhyber Pass
Rio Grande Blood / 13th Planet Records
Raise The Red LanternDggers In Men's Smiles
Breathe Fire / Seventh Rule Recordings
SeaweedRecallWeak / Sub Pop Records
PF CommandoReggareCOLL: Bloodstains Across Sweden / Redrum
Hollywood BratsSick on YouCOLL: Trash! The Roots of Punk / Mojo
S BitchSatisfy The InstictCOLL: Iron Columns / Mind Control
CwillDarknessCOLL: Inside Front / CrimethInc
Celtic FrostDomain Of Decay
Monotheist / Century Media
CataractMarch With Your Battleforce
Kingdom / Metalblade Records
MerrimackThe Birth Of A Lifes Sacerdoce
Of Entropy And Life Denial / Moribund Records
DystopiaSocialized Death SentenceBackstabber / Misanthropic Records
HellchildIn Search for the ScatteredCirculating Contradiction / Ritual Records
SatyriconThe Rite Of Our Cross
Now, Diabolical / Century Media
Lair Of The MinotaurThe Hydra Coils Upon This Wicked MountainThe Ultimate Destroyer / Southern Lord
Charles Engstrom And Christopher FleegerA Current MapBarpieces / Ping Records
PlaidI Citizen The LoathesomeGreedy Baby / Warp Records
EarzumbaThey Say What They Had Said
Simulando Un Refugio / Old Gold
Neil HamburgerNire Tragedies
Great Moments At Dipresas Pizza House / Drag City
Final:3 / Neurot Recordings
Ring SteppersLanding
Ring Steppers / Quodlibet Recordings
Comets On FireWolf Eyes (Middle Version)
Invaders / Kemado Records
Steel Pole Bath TubTime To DieLurch / Butterfly Love / Boner Records
KalasPleasurable Prison
Kalas / Tee Pee Records
TruckfightersAltered State
Gravity X / Meteor City
SodomLords Of Depravity
Sodom / Spv Gmbh