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Thu Sep 19, 2002 midnight - 3am 
5F_5525F_55 / Hands
MeshuggahNothingNothing / Nuclear Blast
Mono No AwareNemuru BijinKika No Sekai / unknown
5F_55L.I.S.A.5F_55 / Hands
GridlockEnzymeFurther / unknown
Xingu Hill &SquaremeterCounter InsurgencyThis Anxious Space / unknown
Mlada FrontaunknownFe2O3 / unknown
Black Lung & Xingu HillTHe People of the MonolithThe Andronechron Incident / Ant-Zen
RecoilDriftingUnsound Methods / unknown
Mlada Fronta6Fe2O3 / unknown
Somatic Responses7Dying Language / unknown
Leikam, David B.C.Late Night JourniesVOL1: Solo & Eichbaum Syndrome / Insectual Senses Producti
F/A/VYou are not deadFeinde auf Valium / unknown
S.I.N.A.11Snapshot / no idea
Esplendor GeometricoBlanco de FuerzaComisario de la Luz-Blanco de Fuerza / no idea
Skinny PuppyBrak TalkB-Sides Collect / Nettwerk Productions
EneDialmitePower Is Burning / Arms Vs.Legs
In Strict ConfidenceDer Tag An Dem Es Frosche RtMistrust the Angels / Maschinenraum/Minuswelt
IckooStitchfaceAll this Noise Shit Is Making / Briokids
PigfaceSteamrollerBest of Pigface, the / Invisible Records
Mentallo & the FixerVisionNo Rest for the wicked disc 2 / unknown
WumpscutWulfEevil Young Flesh / Metropolis Records
DiveSidewalk SinnerTrue Lies / Cop International
In Strict ConfidenceLes MiroirsMistrust the Angels / Maschinenraum/Minuswelt
AndraculoidConceptual ComplianceObservations in Human Error / unknown
SynapscapeDubforcePositive Pop / unknown
MZ412Te Tengo Que DejarIn Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi / unknown
Dagda MorFields of DeathThe Border of Light / unknown
PropergolLost MotelUnited States.... / unknown
Raison D'EtreEnd of a CycleEmpty Hollow Unfolds / unknown
Beneath the LakeInside PassageInside Passage / Glass Throat Recordings
PredominanceAstral CommunicationsNocturnal Gates of Incidence / unknown