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Wed Oct 04, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
Billy BraggThe Marching Song of the Covert BattalionsThe Internationale / Yep Rock
BongwaterFour SticksBox of Bongwater Disc #1 / Shimmy Disc
Jason WebleyMusic that Tears Itself Apart? / ?
Brian PosehnMetal By Numbers
Live In Nerd Rage E.P. / Relapse Records
Welcome WagonSold! To The Nice Rich ManMews Too: An Asthmatic Kitty Compilation / Asthmatic Kitty Records
Cygnus EnsembleA Giddy Thing (William Anderson)
Gone For Foreign / Bridge Records
Daniel JohnstonWalking The Cow
Welcome To My World / Eternal Yip Eye Music
Negativland1991 A Cappella MixU2 / Sst Records/New Alliance
Extra Action Marching BandThe Wizard (Black Sabbath)
Live On Stubnitz / Diy Release
The NowDev CorpFuzztone Fizzadelic /
Bardo PondSlagCypher Documents I / 3 Lobed
The StarlingsLong Black VeilSongbook / Self Release
LarsenIl Sogno Di Momi
Not Alone: Medicins Sans Frontieres / Medicins Sans Frontieres
The Be Good TanyasNoby Cares For MeHello Love / Nettwerk Records
Kimya DawsonFireHidden Vagenda / K
Wayne ButaneC.G. and the B.L.'s
Imbalanced / Flaming Canine
The Knights Of The New CrusadeFather Bingo
A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom / Alternative Tentacles
The WeirdosDestroy all MusicWe Got the Neutron Bomb / Frontier
ValdRevolutionBoycott Your Life / Treason Troops
Government IssueHere's the RopeComplete History Volume One / Dr. Strange
UntouchablesNic FitV/A Flex Your Head / Dischord
Sun City GirlsSacrifice In The Usa
Static From The Outside Set / Carnival Folklore Resurrection
Bathtub ShitterFuck Hip Raper
Lifetime Shitlist / Shit Jam
Burial YearThirteen KnotsPestilence / Alone
Morser20 SecondsScum / Chrome Saint Magnus
Walls Of JerichoI Know Hollywood And You Ain't It
With Devils Amongst Us All / Trustkill
Legion Of The DamnedDeath's Head March
Malevolent Rapture / Locomotive Music S.L.
Cattle DecapitationUnintelligent Design
Karma Bloody Karma / Metal Blade
PhobiaGrind/Lets Get PissedCruel / Willowtip
Fuck The FactsLa Derniere
Stigmata High-Five / Relapse Records
CrowpathCandles And Kerosene
Son Of Sulphur / Willowtip
GadgetVagen Till Graven
Funeral March, The / Relapse Records
Dischordance AxisA Broken TomorrowOur Last Day / Hydra Head
Iron LungRiot in the InfirmarySplit: Iron Lung/Shank / Six Two Five Play Fast, Eh?
At War With ShadowsKicked Out Of Phase Ii
Truckstop Tapes, The / Hater of God Records
Teeth Of The HydraVoices Over Conus
Greenland / Tee Pee Records
Isis/Agoraphobic NosebleedBoris (Melvins)V/A We Reach the music of the Melvins / Fractured Transmitter
Negative ApproachNegative Approach (Live 9/18/83)Read To Fight / Reptilian
FugaziBlueprint (live)10-27-95 Seattle, Washington DV8 / diy
Born/DeadEndless War
Endless War....Repetition / Prank
Kk RampageSpring A Light Gift Of Blood
Lies, Deception, And Tall-Tales / None
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.OAttack From Planet HattifattenersHave You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky? / Ace Fu Records
M. KourieThe River
Dreams Of M. Kourie, The / Chrome Peeler
As MercenariasAmor Inimigo
O Comeco Do Fim Do Mundo / Soul Jazz Records