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Thu Nov 16, 2006 2pm - 5pm 
Motion ManMegalo ManiacPablito's Way / Threshold Recordings
Yea BigMy Principles Far Outweigh My Common SenseWind That Blows The Robot's Arms, The / Jib Door Records
CassetteboyWilliam Iv
Dead Horse / Barry's Bootlegs
SomsaraThe Man
Here Be Dragons / None
The Fucking OceanAdam
Le Main Rouge / Double Negative Records
Modern Life Is WarYesterday's Trash
My Love. My Way / Deathwish, Inc.
Mika MikoCapricorinations
C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. / Kill Rock Stars
Diamanda GalasNo Track TitlesVena Cava / Mute Records
This HeatHorizontal Hold (This Heat)
Out Of Cold Storage (Box Set) / This Is
Nurse With WoundDie, Flip Or Go To India
X-Rated: The Dark Files / Steamin' Soundworks
GaspCan't Seam a MongrelDrome Triler of Puzzle Zoo Peo / Slap a Ham
Sainkho NamchylakLetter 3Letters / Leo Records
Iannis XenakisTetrasChamber Music 1955-1990 / Montaigne
Judy DunawayThe Rubber Forest
Mother of Balloon Music / Innova Recordings
UnknownPhnong Gongs
Ethnic Minority Music Of Northeast Cambodia / Sublime Frequencies
Mari MenariGhazal Masri
Rough Guide To The Music Of Malaysia / World Music Network
Mari BoineSielu Daikkas
Live At The Cedar: Visionaries / Self Release
Hwang, Jason KaoNo Myth
Edge / Asian Improv Records
The Seven ArtsImpact Crater
Grovel Choke Stew / Fargone Records
Forthcoming WindStrained RelationsTvva: Less than Tv Sam / Less than Tv
Village Of Dead RoadsBetween Grave And Delusion
Dwelling In Doubt / Meteor City
Extreme Noise TerrorUtopia BurnsDamage 381 / Earache
Cattle DecapitationTotal Gore?
Karma Bloody Karma / Metal Blade
Light this CityThe Static Masses
Remains of the Gods / Prosthetic Records
Giant HaystacksThe Noose
Blunt Instrument / Mistake Records
Yamataka Eye & John ZornFuckxoticaNaninani Ii / Tzadik Records
Zack Hill And Mick BarrDesert Glass Bubbles
Shred Earthship / 5RC
Gary NolandPsycho-Bacchanal
Royal Oilworks Music / North Pacific Music
Breuker, Willem KollektiefForty Five StepsHeibel / Bvhaast
John CageSonatas 1 & 2 (From Sonatas And Interludes)
Warp Works & Twentieth Century masters / Warp Records
PuppetinaBongo SongPiewacket! / Pasha Nina Teen Recordings
Kk RampageOne Armed Man
Music 2 Drink Paint 2 / War Causes Seizures / Rampage Recordings
FrussHerk & The Midge
Herk & The Midge / (No Label Information)
Syd BarrettOctopusOctopus the Best of / Cleopatra Records
Dead Fingers TalkNobody Loves You When You're Old And Gay
From The Closet To The Charts: Queer Noises 1961-1978 / Trikont
Mike SeegerCotton Mill Colic
Classic Labor Songs / Smithsonian/Folkways
Gallio/Voerkel/FreyImprovisation #13
Tiegel / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
John KingAllsteel: 5. Meditationtears
Allsteel / Tzadik Records