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Wed Jun 27, 2007 6pm - 9pm 
CulturcideTerroristYear One / C.I.A. Records
King MissleJesus Was Way CoolMystical Shit / Shimmy Disc
SwansSex God SexFeel Good Now / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Neil HamburgerReligious HumorLaugh Out Lord / Drag City
Tuli KupferbergSwamiNo Deposit, No Return / Shimmy Disc
People Like Us & Ergo PhizmizA Bastard's Reprise
Perpetuum Mobile / Soleilmoon Recordings
Frank PahlDrain
Songs Of War And Peace / Acidsoxx Musicks
Syd BarrettGigilo AuntMadcap Laughs/Barrett / Harvest
JFABeach Blanket Bong OutLive at Whiskers / bootleg
Black FlagInterviewYouth Manifesto (tape 1982) / BYO
Black FlagMy WarMy War / Sst Records/New Alliance
Billy ChildishThe Day I Beat My Father Up
My First Billy Childish Album / Damaged Goods
The Radio KnivesCursed!
Cursed / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Ho-AgPaint The Navy
Word From Pluto, The / Hello Sir Records
Bambi MolestersCradle Snatcher
Play Out Of Tune / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Xprmntl Lvrs / Ecstatic Peace
ChromeMemory Chords Over The BayThe Visitation / none
Lucky DragonsSummer Swans
Widows / Marriage Records
Kk RampageNice To Meet You
Without Feelings / Rampage Recordings
Pretty ThighTesicaligraphy
Hiv Tarnations / Rampage Records
Les Hate PinkIn The FrontTete Malade / Sick In The Head / Tko Records
Borful TangModesto
On The Back Of A Dying Beast / Gigante
Religious KnivesElectricity And Air
Remains / No Fun Productions
North Without EndIi
1940, 1944 Lp / Forty-Seven Records
Fabio Orsi And Gianluca BecuzziAnother Night Is All Around
Stones Know Everything, The / Digitalis Industries
GrowingAnaheim IiSoul Of The Rainbow And The Harmony Of Light, The / Kranky

Sad Ili Nikad / Slusaj Najglasnije!
GrindermanElectric AliceGrinderman / Anti, Inc.
The TriffidsTime Of Weakness
Born Sandy Devotional / Domino Recording Company
Crime and the City SolutionSix Bells ChimeRoom of Lights / Mute
Joy DivisionThe Sound of MusicStill / Factory
Pig LatinLoan SharkJackpot / Vital Organ

William Parker & Hamid DrakeSky
Summer Snow / Aum Fidelity
William Parker & Hamid DrakeFaces
Summer Snow / Aum Fidelity