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Mon Sep 03, 2001 noon - 3pm 
heavenly bodiesthe iconcelestial /
B.C. Gilbertradiator, plane, bang7" /
I'm SoreGetting Exciter, I'm Mr TeaI'm Sore & PDM /
Persona vs. Control Paneltrack 2?my future not yours /
control panelcivil war xmas12" /
H.N.I.A.nearby,pass,stillEarly Music vol 1 1985-1989 /
H.N.I.A.loverspring can really mess you up /
H.N.I.A.your cheatin heart10 Year Long Time-Live AnnivCD /
Dara-Library Girl7,8,9New Grape /
Pail Saint5. RememberNoise Bucket /
H.N.I.A.?Melody Farm EP 7" /
e.s.p. beetlesside ajen wolski 7" /
little princess?meldoy farm EP 7" /
warren defeverheaven is a wild flowerthanksgiving garage 1999 /
john defeverI hate the capitalist systerthe winner is the loser COMP /
Elvis HitlerFlat Head BoogieSupersadomasochisticexpialidoc /
art phaglaughing ladyWanghead (with lips)records LP /
Hasil AdkinsShe Said, No More Hot DogsOut to Hunch /
Nurse With WoundThe Dadda's IntoxicationCrumb Duck /
RaumI play my records thru the v7" /
SquarepusherExploding Psychology, the
Go Plastic /
Prefuse 73Point to BVocal Studies & Uprock Narrati /
Barbara ManningGoof on the RoofYou Should Know By Now /
John VanderliceIf I Live or If I DieTime Travel Is Lonely /
Gary MyrickGary's Lament
Waltz of the Scarecrow King /
The CrampsLonely TownGravest Hits /
RothkoShot Through Gauze
Truth Burns /
Chris Clark10, 11, 12
Clarence Park /
FontanelleSlow JanuaryF /
H.N.I.A.someday my blues, home10 Year Long Time-Live AnnivCD /
Ted Leo / PharmacistsParallel or Together?
Tyranny of Distance, the /
GeraldineFeeling at Home
Pure Bastard Rock /