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Sat Aug 04, 2007 3pm - 6pm 
Ennio MorriconeNight Walk (from Cat O' Nine Tails, 1969)The Thriller Collection / Drg
Satiated With Simulacra / Db Recording
Lurker of ChaliceLurker of Chalice2002 Demo / None

GodheadscopeDusk On Glass
A City Out Of Sight / God Is Myth
Arachnid ArcadeSunkentit Mossgown
Siphonopore Forest Organ / Organs
KtlSnow 2
2 / Mego
A Shoreline DreamProjections
Avoiding The Consequences / Latenight Weeknight Records
Legendary Pink DotsWall Purges NightCurse / Play It Again Sam

Conqueror / Hydra Head
Ike YardSense Of Male
1980-82 Collected / Acute Records
Beyond DawnPacific Blue DisorderElectric Sulking Machine / Peacevile

PentagramCat & Mouse/Virgin DeathFirst Daze Here Too / Relapse

AnthraxPestilence1982 "unofficial" demo / no label
AnthraxSatan's Wheels1982 "unofficial" demo / no label
AnthraxHate1982 "unofficial" demo / no label

Leviathan (NY, US)Lamentation of DeathLegions of the Undead - Demo, 1987 / no label
Leviathan (NY, US)Destructive AggressorLegions of the Undead - Demo, 1987 / no label
Leviathan (NY, US)Lamentation of DeathLegions of the Undead - Demo, 1987 / no label

SavioursExxulter Of Thorns
Crucifire / Level Plane
Dublin Death PatrolUnnatural Causes
Ddp 4 Life / Godfodder
Incinerate / Nuclear Blast America
Cephalic CarnageTouched By An Angel
Xenosapien / Relapse Records
The BerzerkerNo More Reasons
Animosity / Earache

TsjuderHelveteDesert Northern Hell / Season of Mist
The County Medical ExaminersEpeditious Evisceratory Mishap
Olidous Operettas / Relapse Records

Alabama ThunderpussyValor
Open Fire / Relapse Records
Signal LostTherapy
Prosthetic Screams / Prank
TotalitarNej Vi Ska Inte Ha Nat
Vi Ar Eliten / Prank
WolfbrigadeIn Darkness You Feel No RegretsIn Darkness You Feel No Regrets / Feral Ward
From Ashes RiseEdenFrom Ashes Rise / Self-released

Dead MeadowIndian Bones
Dead Meadow / Xemu Records