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Fri Aug 10, 2007 6pm - 9pm 
Sergey KuryokhinThe Other WayWays of Freedom, the / Golden Years of New Jazz
Chris Brown & Fred FrithNothing But Make Me
Cutter Heads / Intakt Records

Bernhard LangKaduk
Das Theater Der Wiederholungen / Kairos
Sainkho NamchylakRed-Orange (1)
Nomad / Leo Records
Laurie AndersonLet X=XBig Science / Nonesuch

Animal CollectiveBanshee Beat
Feels / Fatcat Records
Larkin GrimmI Killed Someone (Part 2)
Last Tree, The / Secret Eye
Gillian WelchBarroom GirlsRevival / Almo Sounds
ChumbawambaBella Ciao
A Singsong & A Scrap / Ak Press
Microblind HarvestmenInnermost Friend
Songs & Instrumentals From Death Bottom Slide / Digitalis Industries

BattlesRace: In
Mirrored / Warp Records
Oren AmbarchiGuitar Motors
Sacte Motors / Western Vinyl
Superta BikataCommandante's False
Yuria / Vinyl Microstore
Silver DaggersThe Five Food Groups
New High 7 Ord / Load Records

Signal LostCasuality Routine
Prosthetic Screams / Prank
TotalitarOvertid, Overflod Mot For Tidio
Vi Ar Eliten / Prank
California LoveFilthy Steeds
Can't Waste Death / 625 Thrashcore
MagrudergrindCasa blanca DetonationSixty Two Trax of Thrash / ?

AnthraxMilk (Ode to Billy)Attack of the Killer B's / (Unknown)
Rumpelstiltskin GrinderStealing E.T.
Buried In The Front Yard... / Relapse Records
W.H.N.?Red Lights, Tin RoofsFirst Year, the / 625 Productions
ReanimatorStuck On The Shores Of Hell
Thrashin' The Neighborhood / Galy Records

DekapitatorScreams From The Holocaust
Storm Before The Calm, The / Relapse Records
EstuaryLies Of Promise
Craft Of Contradiction, The / Ibex Moon Records
MastodonBlood and Thunder
Leviathan / Relapse Records

Napalm DeathMultinational Corporations/Instinct of Survival/The KillScum / Earache
Insect WarfareEvolved into ObliterationEvolved into Obliteration / diy
Resonance / Relapse Records
Cephalic CarnageMegacosm Of The Aquaphobics
Xenosapien / Relapse Records

BathoryDies IraeJubelium Volume 1 / Black Mark
SavioursExxulter Of Thorns
Crucifire / Level Plane
AsunderRite Of Finality
Works Will Come Undone / Profound

Merzbow/Carlos Giffoni/Jim O'rourkeElectric Dress
Electric Dress / No Fun Productions
Noah CreshevskyHighway
Tape Music Of, 1971-1992, The / Em
People Like UsFom Fom
Girlmonster / Chicks On Speed Records
ShorteeShortee's ReturnShortee the Dreamer / Bomb Hip Hop Rcords

SoleLocust Farm
Live From Rome / Anticon