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Sat Aug 18, 2007 6pm - 9pm 
Hamza El DinA WishA Wish / Sounds True
Steve ReichPhase Patterns
Four Organs - Phase Patterns / New Tone Records
Master Musicians of JajoukaWar Song/Standing + One HalfPipes of Pan at Jajouka, the / Point Music
Ligeti, GyorgyContinuumMechanical Works / Sony Classical
Sergey KuryokhinA Combination of Passion andSome Combinations of Fingers.. / Leo Records
Palestine, Charlemagne / Tony ConradAn Aural Symbiotic Mystery
An Aural Symbiotic Mystery / Sub Rosa
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandStep Right UpHere Comes the Whistleman / Label M
Arrington De DionysoHolotropic
Breath Of Fire / K Records
Philip ThomasJazz (Michael Finnissy)Comprovisation / Bruce's Fingers
Sainkho NamchylakRed-Orange (1)
Nomad / Leo Records
Ratkje, Maja and Jaap Blonkarnhem 9majaap / kontrans
Chris Brown & Fred FrithThick Air
Cutter Heads / Intakt Records
2 / Mego
FursaxaIn The Hollow Mink Shoal
Alone In The Dark Wood / Atp Recordings
Larkin GrimmMost Excruviating Vibe
Last Tree, The / Secret Eye
Taylor, Cecil#6Chinampas / Leo Records
Milk CultPsychoanalytwistBurn or Bury / Basura
Gudrun GutGirl Boogie
Girlmonster / Chicks On Speed Records
Throbbing GristleAlmost A Kiss
Part Two / Industrial Records
Mirrored / Warp Records
PelicanDead Between The Walls
City Of Echos / Hydra Head
MinskRaptured Heart Theory
For The Sick - A Tribute To Eyehategod / Emetic
Dhg (Dodheimsgard)Vendetta Assassin
Dhg (Dodheimsgard) / The End Records
The BerzerkerWeapons Of War
Animosity / Earache
Cephalic CarnageMegacosm Of The Aquaphobics
Xenosapien / Relapse Records
Upsilon AcruxIntimate Barbarian
Galapagos Momentum / Cuneiform Records
AntigamaNeutral Balance
Resonance / Relapse Records
EstuaryLies Of Promise
Craft Of Contradiction, The / Ibex Moon Records
DekapitatorToxic Sanctuary
Storm Before The Calm, The / Relapse Records
California LoveFilthy Steeds
Can't Waste Death / 625 Thrashcore
Son Of Gunnar, Ton Of ShelIn Circulation
Son Of Gunnar, Ton Of Shel / Edgetone Records
Gogol BordelloSuper Theory Of Super EverythingSuper Taranta! / Side One Dummy
People Like Us & Ergo PhizmizSocial Dance Song
Perpetuum Mobile / Soleilmoon Recordings
Oren AmbarchiCymbal Motors
Sacte Motors / Western Vinyl