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Sun Oct 27, 2002 noon - 3pm 
Garry BradburyPure Noise Enjoy ExploitDrug Induced Sex Rituals / Sevcom
Severed HeadsExiles ExcerptClifford, Darling.... / Ink
Test DepartmentTotal State MachineAtonal & Hamburg Live / Dossier Records
Null, Kazuyuki K., & Plotkin,JSpeeding Across My HemispheeAurora / Sentrax Productions
isolrubin bkThree possible points of impact that a driver may incur when colliding with an ocrash injury trauma / Soleilmoon Recordings
T.A.G.C. (The Anti-Group Corporation)Test Tone - 40 Hz*Meontological Research Recordings / Soleilmoon Recordings
Throbbing GristleDead SoulsMission of Dead Souls / Mute Records
Jim O'rourkeA Young Person's Guide to DrDisengage / Staaltape Usa
Kapotte MuziekArtificial SpaceGreat New World in Env / V2-ORGANISATION
Christian MarclayRecord Without a CoverRecord Without a Cover / Recycled Records
Glands of External Secretion/Prick DecayThe Key Inside Denver, Colorodo's ChildrenWho's Who in Hospitalization / Starlight Furniture Co.
Strafe Fur RebellionAirportfrogsOschelle / Staalplaat
Steffan basho JunghansWaters part 1Waters in Azure / Strange Attractors Audio House
Arcane DeviceExcerptAlso Sprach Zarathustra / Staalplaat
PGROne Eye From NightFetish / Silent Records
Amy DenioBirdsTattoo / Unit Circle
Nocturnal EmissionsLleeehh IIMouht of Babes / Soleilmoon Recordings
Arcane DeviceDiabolis Ex Machina Part 12Diabolis Ex Machina / Korm Plastics
Bruce GilbertSoli Excpert (t-40-32)In Esse / Mute
Masonnainner mind mystique 3inner mind mystique / Relapse Records
Merzbow7:53Oersted / Vinyl Communications
Hanatarash4Hanatarash 4 / Public Bath
Harry PussySelf Expression? 4min-9minRide a Dove / Siltbreeze
Lee RenaldoThe Lathe SpeaksFrom Here > Infinity / SST Records
Illusion of SafetyA Golden Circle excerpt/mixInside Agitator / Complacency
Foundation for Public BoradcastingWire excerptParty Size! / Commercial Failure
Experimantal Audio Research7The Koner Experiment / Space Age Recordings
Stereolab/Nurse with WoundThe Dadda's IntoxicationCrumb Duck / Clawfist
Jack VeesSPNFLSurf Music Again / Emergency Music
John FaheyEelsWomblife / Table of the Elements
Mark Robinson3Taste / Teenbeet
Iannis XenakisRyoji Ikeda: Per Se
Persepolis Remixes Edition 1 / Asphodel
PimmonTombeiTIGERBEAT6 and the Bea / TIGERBEAT6
Arco Flute FoundationThe Bastard Son of the Earth
Everthing After the Bomb Is Sc / Cenotaph
Van Hoorn, Niels & Spyby, MarkDippermouthDe Klaverland Klompen Voetbal / Soleilmoon Recordings
3FOLD...3EPS / Tiger Style Records