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Wed Nov 28, 2007 10pm - midnight 
NadjaNow I Am Become Death The Destroyer Of Worlds
Radiance Of Shadows / Alien 8 Recordings
Sunshine Militant Children's HourDuncan, You Live Too Long
Sunshine Militant Children's Hour/Borful Tang / Gigante

Joy Wants EternityExistences Rust
You Who Pretend To Sleep / Beep Repared
Musik Von Harmonia / Spv Gmbh
Sunn O))) & BorisAkuma No Kuma
Altar / Southern Lord Recordings

ThronesDavids Lib
Day Late, Dollar Short / Southern Lord Recordings
Cadaver In DragFuck This Place
Raw Child / Animal Disguise
Red Album / Relapse Records
YakuzaExistence Into Oblivion
Transmutation / Prosthetic Records

Fueled By FireThrash Is BackSpread The Fire / Metal Blade
Violent CoercionFinding HopeCOLL: Thrash Revenge on Skull Island / Wajlemac
SepulturaAntichristMorbid Vision/Bestial Devastation / Roadrunner
EntombedSinner's BleedClandestine / Earache
Book Of Black EarthLet Us Worship The Dead
Feast, The / 20 Buck Spin

WormwoodPassages Of Lesser Light
Starvation / 20 Buck Spin
DystopiaBackstabberBackstabber / Misanthropic Records
Kiss The Anus Of A Black CatTurned Hegel On His Head
Turn Hegel On His Head / Public Guilt Records

Current 93The Cloud of UnknowningOf Ruine, Or Some Blazing Star / Dutro