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Wed Jan 30, 2008 10pm - midnight 
Silver DaggersThe Five Food Groups
New High 7 Ord / Load Records
Melt-BananaCracked Plaster Cast
Bambi's Dilemma / A-Zap
Nightstick JusticeSmall Town DramaShort Fast & Loud - Teen Beat Compilation / SF&L
Choose Your PoisonKnuckle DraggerParty Zone / Bacon Towne

WolfbrigadeWhy I FightPray to the World / MCR
VuurReasonVuurviolence / Aclaim/Shove
California LoveUnder the CrossesReaping the Whirlwind / diy
Abbadonside b track 2The Final Fucking Straw / Severed Head/Halo of Flies
The Endless BlockadeDead to SpiesV/A Trapped in a Scene / Six Two Five/Give Praise

Destruction's EndDemon Possest (Extended Version)Thrash From The Dead - Destuction's End/Bandanos split CD / Six Two Five
BandanosJustica Das RuasWe Crush Your Mind With The Thrash Inside / Six Two Five/Peculio
Municipal WasteLunch Hall Food Brawl
Art Of Partying, The / Earache
Skeleton WitchWithin My Blood
Beyond The Permafrost / Prosthetic Records

Our Puzzling Encounters Considered / Metal Blade
Odious MortemConjoint SpeciesCryptic Implosion / Willowtip
Cephalic CarnageThe Omega Point
Xenosapien / Relapse Records

Defeatistside aThanatonic 7" / Enucleation/Level-Plane
InfanticideDu Ar Lurad
Extinction Scheme / Emetic
Insect WarfareMind RipperWorld Extermination / RSR/625 Thrash
SayyadinaDenialMourning the Unknown / Sound Pollution
AfgrundEnkeiriktat KrigSvarta Dagar / ?

Graf OrlockA Shocking Interrogation/A Misapppropriation of Sector ResourcesDestination Time Tomorrow CD EP / Level-Plane
MagrudergrindRehashedRehashed / Six Weeks
YacopsaeSoh(w)einTanz/ Grosny. Tanz... / Obscene
Iron LungFuture CorpsesSexless//No Sex / Prank
Agents of AbhorrenceOutlines RemainEarth.Water.Sun / 625 Thrash/Numerical Thief

Tofutopia / Blackmarket Activities
KhannHimalayan Green
Tofutopia / Blackmarket Activities
Tofutopia / Blackmarket Activities
Mohoram AttaDesolate Motherfuckerss/t 7" / Penguin Suit/Unholy Thrash
ColiseumThe Fate of MenNo Salvation / Relapse
High On FireFury Whip
Death Is This Communion / Relapse Records

PelicanDead Between The Walls
City Of Echos / Hydra Head
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumHelpless Corpses Enactment
In Glorious Times / The End Records

Fall of EfrafaDominion TheologyElil / Halo Of Flies