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Wed Mar 05, 2008 10pm - midnight 
Dan LambertCharley TownWayfaring Strangers - Guitar Soli / Numero Group
Mia Doi ToddEsperar Es CaroGea / City Zen Records
WoelvDrapeau BlancTout Seul Dans La Foret En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? / K Records

Liam FinnSecond Chance
I'll Be Lightning / Yep Roc Records
Painted SaintsFor The Brokers Of Bottlecaps
Bricks Might Breathe Again, The / Sopping Thursday Records
NegativlandClowns and Ballerina
A Big 10-8 Place (Reissue) / Seeland Records
People Like UsCaciocavalloThermos Explorer / Hot Air
Delta 5Mind Your Own BusinessDisco Not Disco / Strut
Immortal TechniqueFreedom of SpeechRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records

SandStick Eyed Bug ManThe Dalston Shroud / Soul Jazz
Blood-FeudGenocide I & IIGenocide / Voodoo/Slask
Dubuis, Lucien TrioSansara
Le Retour / Unit Records
the Fantomas Melvins Big BandNight GoatMillennium Monsterwork 2000 / Ipecac Records
DisembowelmentThe Tree of Life and DeathTranscendence into the Peripheral / Relapse

NeurosisTo Crawl Under One's SkinSouls At Zero / Iron City
DethklokBriefcase Full Of Guts
Dethalbum, The / Adult Swim
Radiation 4Tick. Tick. Tick.
Wonderland / Century Media

SkeletonwitchVengeance Will Be Mine
Beyond The Permafrost / Prosthetic Records
DisfearThe Cage
Live The Storm / Relapse Records
SayyadinaI Saw It Too
Mourning The Unknown / Sound Pollution/Mcr
LesbianBlack Forest Hamm
Power Hor / Holy Mountain

SavioursInto AbaddonInto Abaddon / Kemado Records
Chthonic ForceAgathodaemon
Delirium Tremens / Discriminate Audio
Byla + Jarboe15:35
Viscera / Translation Loss Records