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Sat May 24, 2008 7pm - 9pm 
Lateral / Social Registry
Zuckerzeit / Spv Gmbh
Crispy AmbulanceAt The Sounding Of The KlaxonFin / Les Temps Du Modernes
Religious KnivesIn The Back
Resin / No Fun Productions

Messthetics 105: Scottish Diy And (Very) Indie Post-Punk, 1977-81 / Hyped 2 Death
No Sanctuary / Alternative Tentacles Records
Menace RuineDove Instinct
Cult Of Ruins / Alien 8 Recordings
ScuplturedA Moment Of Uncertainty
Embodiment / The End Records

CandlemassThrough The Infinite Halls Of DeathTales OF Creation LP / Metal Blade
King Of The Grey Islands / Nuclear Blast
The SwordThe Frost-Giant's Daughter
Gods Of The Earth / Kemado Records
Death DealerFiend Is BleakFiend Is Bleak/I Still Don't Remember / Nuclear War Now!

Amon AmarthArson
Fate of Norns / Metalblade Records
Merciless DeathExumer
Thrashing Like A Maniac / Earache
OLDA KnifeDown With The Nails / Tyrant Syndicate
Death AngelCarnival Justice
Killing Season / Nuclear Blast America

Could Be WorseSearching For HimselfCOLL: Decapitated - Greek Hardcore & Metal - 7" / Wipe Out
Negative StanceMy Dreams Will Be Your Nightmares/DesertAngels of Deceit / Genet
God BulliesKing of the SlingKill the King / Alternative Tentacles Records
CindytalkIt's Luxury/Instict (Background)/Under Glass/Memories of Skin and SnowCamofllage Heart / Midnight Music
SubtractivelidBecoming Nothing
Apparatus / N5MD