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Fri Sep 14, 2001 friday 6-9pm 
David Byrne/Brian EnoAmerica Is WaitingMy Life In the Bush of Ghosts /
SladeThe Whole Worlds Going CrazySlayed? /
Pat BooneCrazy TrainIn a Metal Mood /
the ShermansCrazy WorldIn Technicolor /
Redd KrossCrazy WorldPhaseshifter /
My Dad Is DeadCrazy WorldFor Richer, for Poorer /
Ras LeonCrazy WorldUnderground Roots Syndicate /
A DCrazy WorldA D /
Larry GarnerCrazy WorldBaton Rouge /
Mumble FingerCrazy WorldSouthern, Fried N' Greasy /
N'dambiCrazy WorldLittle Lost Girls Blues /
ScorpionsCrazy WorldLive Bites /
David Byrne/Brian EnoRegimentMy lIfe in the Bush of Ghosts /
Laurent BrondelDeath Machines
Weld /
Homebound /
TarnationTwo Wrongs Won't Make ThingsGentle Creatures /
Cheech and ChongWWSports/Basketball JonesBig Bambu /
FontanelleCharm & StrangeF /
George CarlinMuhamed Ali/America the BeautifulClass Clown /
Bob HolroydDrumming Up a Storm (Radio EDrumming Up a Storm /
George CarlinReligion LiftAn Evening With Wally Lando /
Warren, Peter & Samolis, MattBowed Metal MusicBowed Metal Music /
National LampoonFasten Your SeatbeltsThats Not Funny That's Sick /
JerungduSexy SatanMahoney's Mirror: a Sci-Fi Mus /
Schedule IIPat RobertsonSchedule II /
My RuinMy War (#14)
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio /
Tight Bro's From Way Back WhenBless MeLend You a Hand /
Pistol GripMissionaryShots From the Kalico Rose /
Karsh KaleSatelliteRealize /
SomsaraRebound Girl
Somsara /
Dog PookahAnd Then I Saw My Bird
Blue Iron Haze /
Moe TuckerCrazy Hannah's Ridin' the TrStress /
MedicineAruca12" 45 /
These Immortal SoulsThese Immortal SoulsThese Immortal Souls /
SwellEverybody Wants to Know
Everybody Wants to Know /
My Bloody ValentineSometimesLoveless /
Robert MarleyJudge not1959-1964: Ska's the L /