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Sat Dec 13, 2008 8pm - 9pm 
Beaks PlinthForbidden Waters
Kai Kohola Leo / Gigante Sound
M83Be WildRedSeas&LostGhosts / Mute/Gooom
Fucked UpDays Of Last
Chemistry Of Common Life, The / Matador Records
Brutal KnightsBoring City
Living By Yourself / Deranged Records
World Burns To DeathRed Locusts
Graveyard Of Utopia, The / Prank

The Cute LepersNervous Habits
Can't Stand Modern Music / Blackheart Records
Hanoi RocksMalibu Beach NightmareBack To Mystery City / PVC
NY DollsTrashNight of the Living Dolls / Mercury
Sweet, ThePlay AllThe Sweet / Bell

Memoria In Aeterna / Self Release
DissectionSoulreaperStorm of the Light's Bane / Nuclear Blast America
ImpietyAt War With Temujin
Dominator / Pulverized Records
Aura NoirCondor
Peaceville: 21 Years Of Doom, Death & Darkness / Peaceville Records

Misery IndexAmerican Idolatry
Traitors / Relapse Records
Toxic HolocaustGravelord
An Overdose Of Death... / Relapse Records
BloodbathDrink From The Cup Of Heresy
Fathomless Master, The / Peaceville Records