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Sat Feb 07, 2009 noon - 3pm 
Black Sea / Touch
EluviumZerthis Was a Shivering Huma
Lambent Material / Temporary Residence

KorperschwacheScenes From The Children's Crusade (The Sea Does Not Part)
Eight Velvet Paintings For Helen Keller / Inam Records
BelongAll Equal Now
October Language / Carpark Records
Blood Saints / Inam Records

Oren AmbarchiCorkscrew
Grapes From the Estate / Touch
My Country Of IllusionEl Sonido De Companas
Jambient Excursions / Majmua Music
Ministry Of RitesGrid
Grid / Edgetone Records

ZomesNear Unison
Zomes / Holy Mountain
Villanella / Ubuibi
Jim Price and Irwin ChusidJim Freaks Out
Wfmu:Radio Archival Od / Self Release
Northern ValentineDies Solis
Distance Brings Us Closer, The / Silber Records
SawakoAppled Soapbox
Madoromi / Anticipate Recordings

the GoslingsCelestinePerfect Interior / Asaurus Records
Kyron X GriddleDentata Maxima
City Made Of Teeth / Black Note Music
PanaceaSinecoreClicks_+_Cuts / Mille Plateaux
The SubliminatorOpa-Locka
Rake / Stickfigure Records
Wzr HeartsSpell
Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones / Carpark Records

Melt-BananaCut OffSpeak Squeak Creak / Charnel House Productions
Meerrk PuffyThe One I Want
Old Tyme Lemonade / Hospital Productions
MerzbowLooping Jane (Beat Mix)
Merzbeat / Important Records

TwizlersWe Are The Twizzlers + Motobike
Messthetics Greatest Hiss / Hyped 2 Death
Waristerror TerroriswarThis Is A Plea To Stop The Bloodshed This Is
Thebrutalrealityofmodernbrutality / Edgetone Records
American AstronautWho Do You Sue
Reno / Bsg Records
School Of Seven BellsHalf Asleep
Alpinisms / Ghostly International
Gang Gang DanceDesert Storm
Saint Dymphna / The Social Registry

AnoiceThe Three-Day BlowRemmings / Important Records
Kukuriku StreetIrina Tema
Sudnji Dan / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Sounds From The GroundRestlessBrightwhitelight / Waveform
I Led 3 LivesSidewaysPeace Now / Nublu Records
Waypoints / Freerange Records

The Bar-KaysHoly Ghost
Rapture, The / !K7 Records Usa