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Wed Sep 19, 2001 6-9pm 
Jimi HendrixStar Spangled BannerWoodstock /
Bill HicksBloodlustRelentless /
Country Joe McDonaldThe Fish CheerWoodstock /
Enemy SoilGroup ThinkCasualties of Progress /
George CarlinAmerica The BeautifulClass Clown /
Warren, Peter & Samolis, MattBowed Metal MusicBowed Metal Music /
PhonophaniGene Manipulation
Genetic Engineering /
Matching MoleNan True's HoleSmoke Signals /
This Mortal CoilDrugsFiligree and Shadows /
Kiss It GoodbyeWhat IfShe Loves Me, She Loves Me not /
Pharoah SandersPrince of PeaceIzipho Zam (My Gifts) /
Marino De RosasReina EleonoraMeridies /
National LampoonListener sponsored radio #1Thats Not Funny Thats Sick /
Ragheb AlamaAlbi HtarSaharony Elleil (Up All Night) /
Ofra HazaLefelach HarimonFifty Gates of Wisdom /
The Main IngredientEverybody Plays the Fool45 /
Lee MichaelsDo You Know What I Mean45 /
Gallon DrunkSome Fools MessYou The Night... and the music /
Brian EnoPersisDrawn From Life /
SwansLike a DrugFeel Good Now /
Climax Golden TwinsFranklyClimax Golden Twins /
Karsh KaleOne Step BeyondRealize /
RothkoOld Folk TunesFresh Fruit /
Snow PatrolMaking EnemiesWhen It's All Over We Still to /
The FallPsykick DancehallEarly Fall /
Caroliner Rainbow?split 7" w/ Culturcide /
SpitboyRemovalMi Cuerpo es Mio /
the BriefsPoor and WeirdHit After Hit /
SomsaraUser Friendly
Somsara /
Dead Bodies EverywhereSidetrackNoothgrush split 7" /
WurmI'm DeadBlasting Concept /
NeurosisSelf DoubtAberration /
Bill HicksRockers Against DrugsRelentless /
Black FlagNervous BreakdownBlasting Concept /
Toilet BoysYou Got ItDonnas split 7" /
NirvanaNegative CreepOut of the Blue (bootleg) /
Charles Brown SuperstarSweat PeaCharles Brown Superstar 7" /
Sonic YouthBeat on the BratMaster Dik /
The DonnasGet You AloneSplit 7" /
ScreamCame Without a WarningStill Screaming /
Minor ThreatLittle FriendOut of Step /