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Sun Dec 15, 2002 3pm - 6pm 
MochipetIdmdiotMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
MochipetBroke Breaking BeatsMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
MochipetBeautiful Belonius BitsMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
MochipetChicken GuiroMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
MochipetLike a Bug on Its BackMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
MochipetWu-Tang O.D.BMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
MochipetHard MochiMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
MochipetOh No..Not Another Bajo SongMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
the CapricornsThe New SoundIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsNintendo SongIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsGeeky Pop SongIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsRemote ControlIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsThe ClosetIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsThe Longest DriveIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsStay AwakeIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsNathan IiIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsSong for 18In the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsThe Back RoomIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsTeenage BoyfriendIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsPretty GirlsIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the CapricornsIn the ZoneIn the Zone / Paroxysm
Scholastic DethPma 2000Shackle Me Not! / 625 Productions
Scholastic DethRock TogetherShackle Me Not! / 625 Productions
Scholastic DethBookstore CoreShackle Me Not! / 625 Productions
Scholastic DethOptionsShackle Me Not! / 625 Productions
Scholastic DethXtreme = MainstreamShackle Me Not! / 625 Productions
Scholastic DethShackle Me Not!Shackle Me Not! / 625 Productions
TragedyThe Point of no ReturnTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyNot Fucking FodderTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyNever Knowing PeaceTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyConfessions of a Suicide AdvTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyThe Intolerable WeightTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyYou Are An ExperimentTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyProducts of a Cold WarTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyWith Empty Hands ExtendedTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyTension Awaiting Imminent CoTragedy / Tragedy Records
TragedyChemical ImbalanceTragedy / Tragedy Records
WasteoidViolent Mood SwingTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidNick Nolte Is Gary Busey inTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidRivers of GoreTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidButtTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidHammer Size Denis All Over YTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidFuck Your Money WarTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidStuart Eats My ShitTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidWorld of ShitTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidSpiderbiteTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidA Knife, An Axe, and Your HeTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidIcutchewTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidFrat Rats Eat CockTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidRatt, Ratt, Yay!Total Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidDecapitated CokeheadTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidPersonality #712Total Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidTungsten Steel in Your AsshoTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidRemind Me not to CareTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidFuture HotboyTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidSpinelessTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidDrown 2001Total Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WobblyPart Sevenwild why / tigerbeat6
People Like UsDowntown Once Moreuntitled / fu
HrvatskiRoutine ExerciseOiseaux 96-98 / Reckankreuzungklankekwerk
the SabotenZoe AchillesSaboten, the / God Mountain
the SabotenZoe AchillesSaboten, the / God Mountain