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Thu Apr 16, 2009 midnight - 3am 
Cake LikeFall DownDelicious / Avant
Bunny BrainsTurnip Trucker Faller OfferBunny Brains / Matador Records
An AlbatrossI Am the Lazer Viking
We Are the Lazer Viking / Ace Fu Records
Electric WizardSatanic Rites Of Dracula
Witchcult Today / Candlelight Records
PowerviceBehold The Hand Of Glory
Heavy Metal Killers / Earache
CullMake The Desert Bloom
Erosion / Empire On Fire
Megrim / Hymen
Base / Actuelle Cd
Klangwunder / Gigante Sound
The Bad HandMdi2
In This Line Wish You Happiness / Terrorbird Digital
CarolinerRainbow Gems You Poop OutRainbow Gems You Poop Out / Subterranean
ClaimjumperLil 'spicyPoems of Manhood / Vapor Records
the damnedplan 9 channel 7machine gun etiquette / emi
The Phantom LimbsHot Knives And Hornet
Accept The Juice / Whole Loto Love / Alternative Tentacles Records
big nursehey heyhey hey 7" / heat blast
misfitsvampiorawalk among us / wb
FeederzBreak It All
Vandalism: Beautiful As... / Broken Rekids
BullTinboxTinbox / Compulsiv Records
MedicineHeadsOff the Vine / None
rushyyzmoving pcitures / polygram
Sleeper9th Grade
Behind Every Mask / Mush Records

Amoeba MenDickRub the Buddah / Whirling Dervish
captain beefheartmy human gets me bluestrout mask replica / wb
Guinea WormsJeans And Heels
Lost And Found/Jeans And Heels / Savage Records (Sweden)
Mt. SimsHost In The Dark
A Grave / Hungry Eye Records

SonogramShe (Really) Had To Go - John Morton
Gamelan Son Of Lion / Innova Recordings
EmeraldsDamaged Kids
What Happened / No Fun Productions
man fucking with a telemarketerhow to fuck with a telemarketer
YobThe Illusion of MotionIllusion of Motion, the / Metal Blade
sifl and ollypanda song
Yaphet KottoAccording to HistoryUsual Suspects / Council Records
Sun City GirlsBlue MamboTorch of the Mystics / Tupelo/Communion
NegativlandAnnouncementEscape From Noise / (Unknown)
Sunn0)))Dylan Carlson
Grimmrobe Demos, the / Southern Lord Recordings
SonogramBang On A Tin Can - Laura Liben
Gamelan Son Of Lion / Innova Recordings
talking headsthank you for sending me an angelmore songs about buildings and food / sire
Monopoly Child Star SearchersUntitled A
Prince Of Parrot Shooters / Pacific City Studios
Templeton M. & Aa. MunsonIt's Ok To Fall
Acre Loss / Anticipate Recordings
OlekranonIn A Day
Gaitan / Inam Records
Fripp & EnoThe Heavenly Music CorporatiNo Pussyfooting / E.G. Records
Northern ValentineBorn Yesterday
Distance Brings Us Closer, The / Silber Records
Dielectric Field Recording All StarsWhere's U Cash, Where's U Wallet?
Re: Record / Dielectric Records
James FerraroUntitled B
Marble Surf / New Age Tapes No Cat
Base / Actuelle Cd
SonogramMusic Box - Jody Krushal
Gamelan Son Of Lion / Innova Recordings
EmeraldsDisappearing Ink
What Happened / No Fun Productions
You Don't Need Darkne / Geographic Records
StrategyCascadian NightsDrumsolo's Delight / Kranky
LoscilEnthalpyTriple Point / Kranky
John CageQuartets 1 to 8Sixty-Eight Quartets 1-8 / Hat Hut
Bj Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa3
Man From Deep River / Editions Mego
Bulgarian Othrodox EnsembleTerirem From the 14TH CenturByzantine Chants / Bmg Distribution
Iannis XenakisMetauxPleiades / Bis