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Thu Apr 16, 2009 9am - noon 
Throbbing GristleHot On The Heels Of Love20 Jazz Funk Greats / Mute
A;Grumh...The BumfBloody Side / Play It Again Sam Records
LaibachTanz Mit LaibachAnthems / Mute
KraftwerkHarmonikaKraftwerk2 / Parafone?

Paul ChainRinger Magister Part I
P.C. Translate / Trabla
GongMaster BuilderYou / Caroline
Journey (PRE-STEVE PERRY!)Nickle & Dime -1977Next / CBS
SparksLighten Up, Morrissey
Exotic Creatures Of The Deep / Lil' Beethoven Records
Rikk AgnewIt's Doing SomethingAll By Myself / Frontier
The Pleasure KillsPictures On The Floor
Mission Boy / Polypore Records

In SolitudeWitches Sabbath
Heavy Metal Killers / Earache
Mercyful FateCome to the SabbathDon't Break the Oath / Roadrunner Records
Kevin "Prince of Darkness" SullivanKevin Sullivan and the Purple Haze P1CWF - Florida Wrestling / youTube
Magic Fingers of MerlinMy Wild Irish RoseThe Magic Fingers of Merlin / Bravo
ManowarGuyana The Cult Of The DamnedHell on Stage Box Set / Metal Blade
Kevin SullivanKevin Sullivan and the Purple Haze P2CWF Florida Wrestling 1984 / YouTube

AnvilFlying BlindThis Is Thirteen / Anvil Enterprises
SuidakraIsle Of SkyeCrógacht / Spv Gmbh
The Funeral PyreTo Walk, To Maintain
December / Creator Destructor
Kevin SullivanKevin Sullivan and the Purple Haze P3CWF Florida Wrestling / YouTube
HelrunarIssBaldr ok Iss / Lupus Lounge

Capitalist CasualtiesThe Sty of ChristRaised Ignorant / Slap a Ham
FangLandsharkLandshark / Boner
Verbal AbuseNo Thanx 2 U
No Thanx 2 U / Self
the GearsDon't Be Afraid to PogoRockin at Ground Zero / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
DetentionDead Rock N' RollersCOLL: Killed By Death #2 / Redrum
TulsaCreation Myth
Sour Digs / Starcleaner.Com
Day CreeperAnd How!
Day Creeper / Night Of Pleasure / Columbus Discount Records

The Leif EricssonExplode Your HeartLeif Ericsson, The / Bombed Out Records
SeaweedTaxingWeak / Sub Pop Records
Social UnrestJoin the People Who Join theLive at the Bottom of / New Red Archives

GoatsnakeThe OrphanDog Days/1 / Southern Lord
CullEaster Island
Erosion / Empire On Fire
Memoria In Aeterna / Self Release
16Broken Down
Bridges To Burn / Relapse Records

Viking SkullIn For The Kill
Doom Gloom Heartache & Whiskey / Candlelight Usa
ObscuraAnticosmic Overload
Cosmogenesis / Relapse Records
Destination: Nulle Part / Agonia
the WeirdosSolitary ConfinementLive From the Masque 1 / Flipside Records

GraboidsPanda Cam 1
Infinite Delay / Stickfigure