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Sat Apr 18, 2009 6am - 9am 
Ivan ChonjevicTrain 6 Am
When Sky Was Not This Great Big Cage For Birds / Slusaj Najglasnije!
MonoWhere Am I
One Step More and You Die / Arena Rock Recording Co.
MogwaiA Cheery Wave From StrandedKicking a Dead Pig + Fear Sata / Jetset

Moha!Sopp Pa KugenOne-Way Ticket To Candyland / Rune Grammofon
Alison KnowlesCalifornia SandalsFrijoles Canyon / What Next? Recordings
Irina Mikhailova & B. SmileyNight Flower
Heartbeat Of My Soul / Elefaria Records

Miracle ChosukeGonk
7/8 Wonders of the World, the / Dim Mak
the Mae ShiRaise Up the Judges
To Hit Armor Class Zero / #1USA#1/ARROYO-AU-GO-GO
Stay at Home BombMissed Your Mark
Demo / Independent
Storey, Robin & Nubla, VictorQuiet HumankindAbout Breathing / Caciocavallo

Bj Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa2
Man From Deep River / Editions Mego
Johannn JohannssonThe Rocket Building (Io Pan!)
Forldlandia / 4AD
Amon TobinBloodstoneYou Don't Know - Ninja Cuts / Ninja Tune

Luke Vibert & Jeremy SimmondsV.A.J.Rodulate / Rephlex
Super NumeriThe ChartYou Don't Know - Ninja Cuts / Ninja Tune
Drunken MonkeyRed Truck Black Bus
Orquestations For A Strange World / Splintered Tree Records

Drunken MonkeyFar Out Cat
Mr. D's Ballroom / Splintered Tree Records
Templeton M. & Aa. MunsonIt's Ok To Fall
Acre Loss / Anticipate Recordings
Don't DieDumb Brawl
Juicy / Self

Robert AnbianWe 3.3 ...From Harleigh Cemetery...
I Not I / Edgetone Records
TearpalmFigureative Theatre Prijatelj Sa Duhovima Vremena
Projatelj Sa Duhovima Mesta / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Charles SpearinOndine
Happiness Project, The / Arts & Crafts

Del Sol String QuartetKui Dong "Spring"
Ring Of Fire / Other Minds
Alan SondheimCluster 4
Boojum / Majmua Music
Vampyros Lesbos (soundtrack)Droge Cx 9Vampyros Lesbos / Motel Records

The Bakerton GroupLife On Lars
El Rojo / Weathermaker Music
Heaven AndAs If A Star
Sweeter As The Years Roll By / Staubgold
BlanketshipStop Your Complaining
Klangwunder / Gigante Sound

These Are PowersLight After Sound
All Aboard Future / Dead Oceans
SuperetteSaskatchewanTopless Woman Talk Abo / Flying Nun