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Thu Jan 02, 2003 3am - 6am 
DoomPolice BastardPolice Bastard / Profane Existence
NauseaBattenedExtinction the Second Coming / Selfless Records
DestroyWar Without MercyNecropolis / Sound Pollution/Mcr
MiseryLifelineCrust and Anguished Life / Mcr Company (Japan)
AssrashBilly Long SongSave for Your Doomed Future / Profane Existence
PissedPurgePurge / Profane Existence
Code 13Manufactured IdentityDoomed Society / Havoc Records
Code 13We Will Fight Them in the StDoomed Society / Havoc Records
DisafectHeadfuckedHome of the Slave / Uneasy Listening Records
ResistHappyResist/Deprived / Profane Existence
GrimpleInfiernoGrimple/Logical Nonsen / East Bay Menace
StfuBig Fat BossQuit Yer Bitchin / Third World Underground
Scurvy DogsVoices From InsideCan You Afford All this Cheese / Pyrate Records
His Hero Is GoneAutomationMonuments to Thieves / Prank
DeathreatTempers RiseDeathreat / Prank
Talk Is PoisonControlControl / Prank
Born Dead IconsContreteWork / Deadalive
From Ashes RiseAmbitionsTour 7" / Partners in Crime
TragedyThe Point of no ReturnTragedy / Tragedy Records
Initial StateEvery PromiseAbort the Soul / Clearview Records/Selfles
Abc DiaboloWhy Are We Here?Last Intoxication of Senses / Common Cause
In/HumanitySouthern SwastikaNutty Anti-Christ, the / Passive Fist
Artimus PyleClosed CasketCivil Dead / Prank
Scrotum GrinderYou Are My Favorite Line inGreatest Sonic Abomination Eve / Prank
Word SaladDo not BleedDeath March 2000 / Prank
Kungfu RickPaper Apartments and Paper PStatues to Stones, Soilders to / Gloom Records
Kungfu RickStatues to Stones, SoildersStatues to Stones, Soilders to / Gloom Records
Man Is the BastardHeretic's ForkFiesta Comes Alive! / Slap a Ham
Crossed OutPure DelusionCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
Crossed OutSocietyCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
Lack of InterestDon't Tell MeSlave State/Lack of in / Slap a Ham
No CommentDistantFiesta Comes Alive! / Slap a Ham
PlutocracyFeel the WrathPlutocracy/Phobia / Misanthropic Records
Evolved to ObliterationYou Don't Fool MeCocks / Hemorrhage Records
976Speak no EvilPLUTOCRACY/SIROTA/976 / (Unknown)
Agents of SatanCrust=GlamUnholy Ascension / 625 Productions
No LessRuff and TumbleBoxed in / Slap a Ham
ApeshitRun & KillApeshit / Tanks Record Co.
PlutocracyTime PortalSniping Pigz / Six Weeks
EmeticMaltEmetic / Gory Melanoma / 625 Productions
Elephant ManKLive@ Burnt Ramen / None
Kalmex and the RiffmerchantsLong Haul, theIt Goes to Eleven / Family of Resistance Reco
RwsMechanical BullshitSlobber/Rws / None
GodstomperClove HufferSaturday Morning Powerviolence / Slap a Ham
BenumbNo RegretSoul of the Martyr / Relapse Records
Bombs of DeathGerminationAcrid / Bombs of Death / No Idea
AssuckQedMisery Index / Sound Pollution/Mcr
AssuckSalt MineMisery Index / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Short Hate TemperConsumerShort Hate Temper/Amen / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Discordance AxisOratorio in GreyInalienable Dreamless, the / Hydrahead Records
Cream Abdul BabarTodd Space Is My Day JobBuried in Broken Glass / Aaj Records
DisembodiedGodlessHeretic / Edison Recordings
DragbodyWelcomed CadenceFlip the Kill Switch / Now or Never Records
AcridKisses & WhistlesEighty-Sixed / Dirty Kidz
TreEarth RideI Discern An Overtone of Trage / The Mountain Cooperative
CorruptedInactiveCorrupted/ Noothgrush / Reservoir Records
GriefHurricane Jello...And Man Will Become the Hun / Pessimiser Records
EyehategodDepress10 Years of Abuse (And Still / Century Media
16A Real Piece of WorkBlaze of Incompetence / Theologian Records
DystopiaSocialized Death SentenceBackstabber / Misanthropic Records
CruevoTo Kill the DawnCruevo/Brainoil Split / Berserker Records
CavityFucking Bozos Need TitlesOn the Lam / Hydra Head
BrainoilBag of ProblemsCruevo/Brainoil Split / Berserker Records
NoothgrushHatred for the SpeciesCorrupted/ Noothgrush / Reservoir Records