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Sat Aug 01, 2009 6pm - 9pm 
Napalm DeathScumScum / Earache
Napalm DeathThe KillScum / Earache
Napalm DeathThe Crucifixion of PossessionsCOLL: Bullshit Detector 1983? / None
Napalm DeathFrom Enslavement...To Obliteration/Blind To The TruthF.E.T.O. (1989) / Earache
Napalm DeathIf the Truth Be KnownHarmony Corruption / Earache
Napalm DeathThe World Keeps TurningUtopia Banished / Earache
Napalm DeathVolume Of Neglect
Punishment In Capitals / Eagle Rock Entertainment
Napalm DeathLowlife (Cryptic Slaughter)
Leaders not Followers: Part 2 / Century Media
Napalm DeathYou SufferGrind Crusher / Earache

CarcassExhume to ConsumeWake Up and Smell the Carcass / Earache
CarcassPyosisified (Still Rotten toWake Up and Smell the Carcass / Earache
CarcassCorporal Jigsore QuandaryNecroticism - Descanting the I / (Unknown)
CarcassSlash DementiaPeel Sessions 1989 (John Peel R.I.P., mate!) / Strange Fruit
CarcassBuried Dreams/Heartwork (1994)Heartwork / Earache
CarcassKeep on Rotting in the FreeSwansong / Earache

Morbid AngelChapel of GhoulsAltars of Madness (1989) / Earache
Morbid AngelBlasphemyAltars of Madness / Earache
Morbid AngelSworn to the BlackCovenant / Giant Records (Metal)
Morbid AngelAbominationsBlessed Are the Sick / Earache
Morbid AngelThis Means WarDomination / Giant Records (Metal)
Morbid AngelCaesar's PalaceDomination / Giant Records (Metal)
Morbid AngelNar MattaruCovenant / Giant Records (Metal)

Bolt ThrowerEternal WarRealm of Chaos / (Unknown)
Bolt ThrowerPsychological WarfareIn Battle there Is no Law / (Unknown)
Bolt ThrowerWorld-EaterRealm of Chaos / (Unknown)
Bolt ThrowerThe Shreds of SanityWar Master - 1991 / Earache
Bolt ThrowerWhere Next to Conquer4TH Crusade, the / Relativity (Metal)

GodfleshIce Nerve ShatterGodflesh (1987) / Earache
GodlfleshLike Rats (as in You Breed...)The Ten Commandments / Earche
GodfleshUnworthyMerciless 2x7" / Earache
Godlflesh vs. Justin BroadrickWakeCOLL: Hellspawn - Extreme Metal meets Extreme Techno / Earache
Filthy ChristiansExtremely Bad BreathGrind Crusher / Earache

CathedralEquilibriumForest of Equilibrium / Earache
CathedralRideEthereal Mirror, the / Earache

SleepDragonaut/The DruidHoly Mountain - 1992 / Earache