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Sat Sep 05, 2009 noon - 3pm 
Sam BakerSnowCotton / Self Release
EelsThe Longing
12 Songs Of Desire / Vagrant Records
WilcoSonny Feeling
(The Album) / Nonesuch Records

Radar Bros.Into the HillsRadar Bros. / Fingerpaint Records
Rachel'sLloyd's RegisterSea and the Bells, the / Quarterstick Records

Brian DewanMy EyeHello Recording Club: March 93 / Hello Recording Club
Dinner Is RuinedBasic TrainingLove Songs From the Lubritoriu / Raw Energy Records
Oscillons From the Anti-Sun / Too Pure

Colin Clary and the MagogsYou Drove Me Crazy and BrokeHer Life of Crime / North of January
Rat Cat HoganI Never Run Into AnybodyWe're Bicoastal! / Self Release
Kimya DawsonLullaby for the Taken
Hidden Vagenda / Secretly Canadian Records

Das Erste Wiener GemüseorchesterLetscho 74Gemise / Extraplatte
O'neil, Tara JaneBeast, Go Along
A Ways Away / Krecs
RasputinaGirls' School
Frustration Plantation / Instinct Records

Diana DarbyKierkegaard
Magdalene Laundries, The / Delmore Recordings
Plastik JoyHands
3:03 / N5MD
Dark Dark DarkWinter Coat
Snow Magic, The / Supply And Demand Music
DeastroThe Shaded Forests (Gift Giver's Version) [Bonus Track]
Moondagger / Ghostly International

Mr. CentipedeTittie Ocean
Dirty Jokes / This Hits
RatatatNostrandClassics / Xl Recording
Chris ClarkTrack 13Empty the Bones of You / Warp Records

RatatatLexClassics / Xl Recording
Casper & The CookiesYou Love Me
Modern Silence / Hhbtm Records

Matt DavignonThis Again!
Softwetfish / Edgetone Records
Miss Kittin & The HackerRay Ban
Two / Nobody's Bizzness
The Nether DawnWell Song
Well Song / Porter Records

Masha QrellaFeels LikeUnsolved Remained / Morr Music
CryptacizeNew Spell
Mythomania / Asthmatic Kitty Records
No More Stories Ep / Columbia Records

The Flying ChangeBroken Bow
Pain Is A Reliable Signal / Scarlet Shame Records
Jo SerrapereLove Going SouthLove Going South / Self Release
DevotchkaThe Last Beat Of My HeartCurse Your Little Heart / Ace Fu Records
Random TouchJungle
You Tomorrow, the / Roadnoise Productions