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Wed Oct 07, 2009 midnight - 3am 
Sorry For a Frog90s Again1st Demo / Self-Release
Green GiantUnder The SkyUnder The Sky / ??
BlewYou're Not The Only OneYou're Not The Only One / Snuffy Smile
ThumbI Don't Wanna Stay HereTake The First Step / Pizza of Death
ReachA Vapour Trail7 Songs / ??
CigarettemanSisterCOLL: Peace and Love / ??

IslandsSwitched OnVapours / Anti
GirlsLust For LifeAlbum / True Panther Sounds
The BittersCan You Keep a SecretWooden Glove / Captured Tracks
The Mayfair SetDesert FunThe Mayfair Set / Captured Tracks
Grass WidowTattooEP / Captured Tracks

Moondagger / Ghostly International
Mr. CentipedeEats Chutes & Paints Leaves
Dirty Jokes / This Hits
The Invisible CitiesCorpus Callosum
Houses Shine Like Teeth / Noisyfrog Records
Fruit BatsThe Hobo Girl
Ruminant Band, The / Sub Pop Records
Ear PwrSparkley Sweater
Super Animal Brothers Iii / Carpark Records

The AutomaticsYesterday's ChildrenBattle Fever / KOGA Records
Tiroleantape Chapter 4Count Five For MeThe First Session / Pirozki Recordings
Tiger Shovel NoseLate Anoraker Goes On!Namazu No 1+8 / Pirozki Recordings
Mamma CrucellNut Mut, KepperThis Is Mamma Crucell / Office BBQ
ApricotsLook of LoveSwinging Smiling / Office BBQ
SunnycharLa Vi La ViComplete Collection / Pushbike Label

Yo La TengoAvalon or Someone Very SimilarPopular Songs / Matador
Kings of ConvenienceMe In YouDeclaration of Dependence / Virgin
The Flaming LipsConvinced of the HexEmbryonic / Warner Bros
The SchoolValentineEP / Elefant Records
The ParallelogramsPop The BubblesCloudberry EP / Cloudberry Records
The Wendy DarlingsBowling ShoesWe Come With Friendly Purposes / ??

Re-SpectacledMind FuckRe-Spectacled / Rave Up
Dead DogWorth ItDead Dog / Mauled By Tigers
Jay ReatardIt Ain't Gonna Save Me
Watch Me Fall / Matador Records
Wye OakSiameseKnot, The / Merge Records

Her SpectaclesSpeculationAll Of The Time In The World / Waterslide Records
LabretEmptyLiving Room / Jungle Gym
BlottoBroken Record, Unfinished SongRemember Buy The Vinyl First / Snuffy Smile
Four TomorrowFirst TrackFour Tomorrow / Amsterdam

Jonesin'Coming AroundSplit w/ Dude Jams / Muy Atentico
Dude JamsShit FitSplit w/ Jonesin' / Muy Atentico
Gordon Gano's ArmyFading Out4 Way Split / Dirt Cult
RumspringerShe Makes Me Forget About My Overdraft FeesSplit w/ Dude Jams / ???
Turkish TechnoPoliciesSplit w/ The Anchor / ???

MatterRecoverPity / Self-Release
PittyLove Is BlindRestless Time / I Hate Smoke Records
The CommitmentsSee You Sugar Stick!Past Fun EP / Self-Release
Disco Bowyz1st Demo1st Demo / Self-Release
Trouble ShootingVans1st Demo / Self-Release

Jay ReatardCan't Do It Anymore
Watch Me Fall / Matador Records
Leftover CutiesLost In The Sea
Game Called Life / Self
Starlight MintsCoffins "R" Us
Change Remains / Barsuk Records
Sugarplum FairiesPolaroidChinese Leftovers / Starfish Records
CryptacizeThe Cage
Mythomania / Asthmatic Kitty Records
Elfin SaddleThe Procession
Ringing For The Begin Again / Constellation Records
Jay ReatardYou Mean Nothing To Me
Matador Singles '08 / Matador Records
God Help The GirlA Unified TheoryGod Help The Girl / Matador Records

PerfumeChocolate DiscoGame / ??
CheckiccoDaisuki no koiCXCO / Pony Canyon
Smash Your FaceGo Go Black RiderDirty Nasty and Fuckin' High Energy / Ride On
KingonsWonderful Girl!2nd Demo / Self-Release
PestmenStop!Split w/ Fun Fun Attitude / Grapefruit Moon Records

Pizzicato FiveIt's a Beautiful DayHappy End of the World / Matador
Cherry Letterneed to check on this one eeepSplit w/ Bitter Cherry Jam / Tulip House Records