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Tue Oct 27, 2009 1am - 6am 
Current 93The Descent of Long Satan and BabylonThunder Perfect Mind / World Serpent
Blood AxisThe Gospel of InhumanityBlot-Sacrifice In Sweden / Cold Meat Industry
Antonius RexIn Hoc Signo VincesNEQUE SEMPER ARCUM TENDIT REX / Darkness/Black Widow
The Devil Rides OutTrailerYoutube user- IMACACI / Hammer Horror UK

TurbonegroAre You Ready For Some Darkness?Apocalypse Dudes / Burning Heart
RPAShoot The PopeCOLL: Killed By Death #5 / Redrum
ComplaintsAct My AgeWanna Be Bored / Diy Release
ViolatorsNY RipperCOLL: Killed By Death #3 / Redrum
Jesus Fucking ChristSolitary ConfinmentJesus Fucking Christ / Puke/Inimical
New York Ripper Trailer1982 Duck voice, 3 finger killer stalks the City!Fulci Lives / YouTube - user zer0hal0
MisfitsDevil's WhorehouseWalk Among Us / Ruby/Plan9/Caroline
AntiseenWalkin' DeadNoise for the Sake of Noise / Dogmeat Records

Howl / Relapse Records
AhabRedemption Lost
Divinity Of Oceans, The / Napalm Records America
TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER - 1976TrailerYoutube user- IMACACI / 1976
HellhammerReaperSatanic Rites CD boot / Hellhammer-(Necro) Maniacs!
Alice CooperDevil's Food/The Black Widow (Featuring Vincent Price)Welcome To My Nightmare (1975) / Anchor/WB
Aleister CrowleyThe Call of the First Aether (English Version)Aleister Crowley / Dressed To Kill
UrfaustDie Kalte TeufuelstfaustGeist ist Teufuel / VAN
HavohejThe Black MistBlack Mist, the / Ax/Ction

CathedralHopkins (The Witchfinder GenCarnival Bizarre, the / Earache
Angel WitchDr. PhibesAngel Witch / Road Racer
Dr. PhibesTrailer 1971Vincent Price / YouTube - user tim58hsv
Electric WizardDunwich
Witchcult Today / Candlelight Records
Fenriz Red PlanetMy Ship Sailed On Without MeCOLL: Engangsgrill-Split with Nattefrost / Indie/True Norwegian Black Metal

Anti-CimexStraight to Hell/Wave of Fear/Dead Struggle in a Burning HellCOLL: I Thrash Therefore I Am / BCT Tapes
DoomridersKnife Wound
Darkness Come Alive / Deathwish, Inc.
CursedDead Air At The Pulpit
Three / Goodfellow Records
Youth Against Police Brutality / Deifer
Happy FlowersBB GUnBB Gun 7" / Homestead
Black AnvilL.T.H.L.T.K.
Time Insults The Mind / Relapse Records
Crispin "Hellion" GloverSelected readings from Rat CatchingThe Big Problem ≠ The Solution. The Solution = LET IT BE / Restless (1989)

VenomSchizoidWelcome to Hell / Sanctuary Records
Mercyful FateA Dangerour MeetingDon't Break the Oath / Roadrunner Records
Hell's KitchenBloody KneesIf You Can't Take The Heat... / Boner
King DiamondHalloweenFatal Portait / Roadrunner
In SolitudeWitches Sabbath
Heavy Metal Killers / Earache
Torso - trailer1973Youtube -user-MoB73 / 70's giallo
CarrionPart I (excerpt)COLL: Split with Elk (2008) / Self-released

ElkTitheCOLL: Split with Carrion (2008) / Self-released
Memoria In Aeterna / Self Release
Swamp GirlTrailer 1971Swamp Girl A-Go-Go / YouTube user: sideshowcarny
Quis Contra NosTeufelsliedCOLL: Donec Ad Metam Pt. 1 / Neo-Folk.It
Bone AwlYou're Late
Night's Middle / Nuclear War Now!

BathoryIn Conspiracy With SatanBathory / Black Mark
ImmortalHordes To War
All Shall Fall / Nuclear Blast America
MayhemCarnageLive In Leipzig (1990, Dead-era vocals) / Century Black
BloodhagH.G. WellsNecrotic Biblophilia / Rock N' Roleplay
Hallow's EveHorror ShowTales of Terror (1985) / Metal Blade
Nasty SavageThe MorgueNasty Savage LP / Banzai (Canadian Pressing)

BlasphemyHording Of Evil VengeanceFallen Angel Of Doom / Wild Rags
Embrace Of ThornsTombs Of The Desecrated Zealots
Atonement Ritual / Nuclear War Now!
TruppensturmBlack Funeral PyreFields of Devastation / Van
Anaal NathrakhSo Be It
In The Constellation Of The Black Widow / Candlelight Usa
Death StrikeMangled DehumanizationFuckin' Death (1985 demo) / Self-released
RepulsionSlaughter of the InnocentHorrified / Relapse Records
Gnaw Their TonguesDawn Breaks Open Like A Wound That Bleeds Afresh
Dawn Breaks Open Like A Wound That Bleeds Afresh / Universal Tongue

KoldbrannKoldbrannNekrotisk Inkvistion / Desolate Landscapes
LeviathanHeir to the Noose of Ghoul
Tenacles of Whorror / Moribund Records
Order Of The GashObsessive Repulsive
Empire On Fire / Eolian
GhoulGhoul Hunter
Maniaxe / Razorback Records

ExciterBeyond The Gates of DoomLong Live The Loud (1985) / Combat
Iron AgeDispossessed
Sleeping Age , The / Tee Pee Records
The Gates Of SlumberIron Hammer
Hymns Of Blood And Thunder / Metal Blade
Slough FegShakedown At the SixApe Uprising / Cruz del Sur
NeilLentil NightmareNeil's Heavy Concept Record / Wea (Warner/Elektra/Atlan

LifeloverKonvulsionKonkurs / Avantgarde
Cold CaveFirst Fit
Cremations / Hospital Productions
Rom 5:12 / Regain Records
LaibachVade RetroNova Akrpola / WaxTrax!

Raison D'etreForgotten MoundFuneral Songs / Crowd Control Activities
Fire * IceReaper ManMidwinter Fires / Asafoetia