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Tue Nov 10, 2009 3am - 6am 
Jliat/Now That's What I Call Noise Vol. 9 / Jliat
Bird NamesNature's Overr
Sings The Browns / Upset! The Rhythm
Hot Glue GunEvery Little SpaceshipFriends of Kazungu / Mud
Squirrel BaitSlake Train ComingSkag Heaven / Drag City
Sista SekudenIdol
Sista Försvarslinjen / Instigate
The Gates Of SlumberChaos Calling
Hymns Of Blood And Thunder / Metal Blade
Lullabye ArkestraSurviving The Year Of Wolves
Threats/Worship / Vice Music Inc
Foot VillageChicken And Cheese2Anti-Magic / Upset! The Rhythm
---3:00 am--- / ---
Kk RampageInvoke The Wizzard
False Flattery / Self
Slasher RiskBrooklyn
Slasher Risk / Obsolete Units
ImmortalNorden On Fire
All Shall Fall / Nuclear Blast America

WorkbenchSide B
Head Time / Tonte Flith
The Naked FutureWe Boil The Raven's Skull Into Gold
Gigantomachia / Esp-Disk'
John Cage (?)Track 2Electronic Music / (No Label Information)
d.a.the owlodeon lp / olde english spelling bee
treetopsretreattreetops lithium dreams split cassette / abror
needle sales meetingneedle sales meetings tapeneedle sales meetings tape / sweet thunder found sound
Ploug / Pettersen / BadenhorstAerodie
Equilibrium / Songlines Recordings
xiphiidaeaeckt wetting shower (for voice and guitars_waning in archaic color sequence / vanishing hour revival
---4:00 am--- / ---
cb radio userscb radio lingocb radio lingo / sweet thunder found sound
Do Make Say ThinkThink
Other Truths / Constellation Records
The Legendary Stardust CowboyThe Ledge Talks
Paralyzed!! His Vintage Recordings, 68-81 / Self
some psychopathpeople rentalhow to rent people / sweet thunder found sound
CommixJubie & Phobia - Guillotine (Breakage Remix) - Unknown
Fabriclive.44 / Fabric
matt carsonstereo facestereo face / gift tapes
Big Trouble In Little China / Mutable Sound
Tickley FeatherFly Like An Eagle
Hors D'oeuvres / Self
Long HairPliny's Opinion
An Ever-Open Door Ep / Forty-Seven Records
fabio orsi and the north seafar & wide side bfar & wide / digitalis
Voice Of An EyeWhere Are You?
Seven Directions Diververgent / Conundrum Unlimited

---5:00 am--- / ---

various artiststap dancing filmstap dancing films thrift store cassette / homemade mixtape from mission thrift
Return To Earth & Windings Ii - Zarathurstra's Puzzle / Outer Limits
speculatorside aspeculator c-30 / wet merchants
edinburgh musical heritage societythe scottish bagpiper recorded on location by gerar kremerscottish bagpipe + the edinburgh military tattoo / the musical heritage soicety
JesuMorning Light
Opiate Sun / Caldo Verde
longmont potion castletrack 1late eighties vein / insides music
Bardo PondLibation
Peri / Three Lobed Recordings
yuko x chinoside bexbx / exbx