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Tue Dec 22, 2009 9am - 11am 
Neuburg, Amy X/Cello ChiXtetOne LieSecret Language of Subways, The / MinMax
Jacám ManricksMicro-Gravity
Labyrinth / Self Release

Zorn, John [Medeski, Martijn & Wood]AgmatiaZaebos: Book of Angels Vol. 11 / Tzadik
White RocketMutatis Mutandis
White Rocket / Diatribe
Victor, Fay EnsembleRoom 1310: Ideal Situation
Freesong Suite, The / Greene Avenue Music
Arnal, Jeff / WombatNy 2008
Generate Records: 1999-2009 / Generate Records

Mark HeliasHaymakerFictionary / Gm Recordings, Inc.
Sieverts, Henning / SymmetryDribs And Drabs
Blackbird / Pirouet Records
miRthkonBananaVehicle / AltRock

Robair, GinoMobs, Parties, Factions (Part 1) [excerpt]I, Norton: An Opera in Real Time / Rastascan
-- (10:00 a.m.) --
Bynum, Taylor Ho & Spidermonkey StringsLesson
Madeleine Dreams / Firehouse 12

Spangler's, R.J. Blue FourI'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of TownYou Know I Can't Refuse:The Bill Heid Sessions / Eastlawn Records
The Fonda/Stevens GroupFor My Brother
Memphis / Playscape Recordings

Ben GoldbergInevitable
Go Home / Bag Production
Uhler/Shibolet/Snir/Brenner/Mayer/Smith/Bymel1Yclept / Balance Point Acoustics
Bruce FriedmanMonochromatic Textures (Mct-1)

Ben AllisonKramer Vs. Kramer Vs. Godzilla
Think Free / Palmetto Records
Ernest DawkinsGoldingerSouth Side Street Songs / Silkheart Records

PlungeLife Of A Cipher
Dancing On Thin Ice / Immersion Records