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Wed Feb 17, 2010 6pm - 9pm 
Robin WilliamsShakespear, A Meldowner's NightmareWow Reality... What A Concept / Casablanca Records
National LampoonMonolithic Oil
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
MonitorWe Getr MessagesMonitor / World Imitation Records
The Corporate WhoresThe Bleeding Heart
Voodoo Economics / Disillusion Music
El Jesus De MagicoAncestor Worship
Scalping The Guru / Columbus Discount Records

TindersticksFalling Down A Mountain
Falling Down A Mountain / Constellation Records
Duke GarwoodMellow Trucker Lady
Sand That Falls, The / Fire Records
Audra MaeThe River
Haunt / Side One Dummy Records
Two GallantsThe Throes
Throes, the / Alive Records

National Lampoon2,015 Year Old Man
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
National LampoonFasten Your Seatbelts
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
Daisy ChainsawI Feel InsaneEleventeen / A&M Records (Alternative)
Yakuza Heart AttackTears Of The Judge
Yakuza Heart Attack Ii / Squid's Eye Records
Frank ZappaDancin' FoolSheik Yerbouti / Zappa Records
Lightning BoltNation Of Boar
Earthly Delights / Load Records
National LampoonI'm A WomanGoodbye Pop / Epic
ViosacTwo People Don't Have Eyes Like You
Rustypile / (No Label Information)

Moon DuoDead West
Killing Time Ep / Sacred Bones Records
WaumissW U R G
Waumiss / Odessa Records
StereolabFrench DiscoJenny Ondioline (Part 1) / Elektra Records (Local)
Port-RoyalExhausted Muse/Europe
Dying In Time / N5MD
George KoreinGleaming Corpse I
Another Corpse / Majmua Music

Identi / Self
Egberto GismontiSertoes Veredas Iv
Saudacoes / Ecm Records
Pinky Maclure And John WillsFrozen In SleepPumajaw / Fire Records
SwansBlackmailChildren of God/World of Skin / Young God Records/Sky
SwansTrust MeChildren of God/World of Skin / Young God Records/Sky
Earthling TempelSomething Good Will Come To You
Pilgrimage To Thunderbolt Pagoda / Lotuhouse
Lymbyc SystemBedroom Anthem
Shutter Release / Mush Records
Old Punks / Self

Gjoll.Abandon All Hope
Sum Of Transformations / Ant-Zen