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Thu Mar 25, 2010 midnight - 6am 
eternal tapestrytemproal starshine voyagetrack the invisible landscape / not not fun
carlton meltonwhen you're inpass it on... / melton music
frank chu12 galaxies interview
cavetrack 6psychic psummer /
ducktailssurf's upducktails lp / not not fun
learning strategies corporationpersonal geniuspersonal genius / paraliminal tapes
hevosettrack 3, side bhevoset lp / dekorder
Gordon BeefermanNo Meat
Music For An Imaginary Band / Generate Records
The Endless BummerBoring But BeautifulModern American Calypsos For Voice And Computer / Life's Blood Flows
Philip GlassFilmworks: Mishima: November 25: Morning
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
foundation of human understandingside atape of the month march 1997 /
High On FireFire, Flood & PlagueSnakes Of The Divine / E1 Music
Alan FreedFarewell To Fans (The Payola Scandal)Great Speeches Of The 20th Century. Vol. 4: Best Of Times, Worst Of Times / Rhino Records
James FerraroTrack iiSon of Dracula / pacific city sound visions

------0100------ /

Robert RichIci Part 6Live Archive 1: Ici Et Maintenant: Live In Paris - 1989.05.12 / Soundscape Productions
black nastytrack 1shark tank /
Mulatu AstatkeTezeta
Story Of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975, The / Strut-Records
Marcus, Mitch QuintetWonton
Countdown 2 Meltdown / Porto Franco Records
Fletcher PrattMind Gunk Volume 9Mind Gunk Volume 9 / Midori Tapes
Malcolm XOn Black PowerGreat Speeches Of The 20th Century. Vol. 4: Best Of Times, Worst Of Times / Rhino Records
Jliat/Now Thats What I Call Noise Vol. 3 / Jliat
Maurizio BianchiNew HeavensDas Platinzeitalter / Weird Forest
Josephine FosterBeauty Crowds Me Til I DieGraphic As A Star / Fire Records
play it again samas time goes bycasablanca / rip humphrey bogart
AbolicaoSide AVersai Yenisei / Rotifer Cassettes
Clara RockmoreTchiakovwsky: BerceuseArt of the Theremin / Mississippi Records
Philip GlassGlassworks/Analog: Ave
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
scott cloud / cloud valley
princedo it all nightdirty mind /

The OkmoniksIt's Not You
Party Fever! / Slovenly Recordings
Savage RepublicAnemone
1938 / Neurot Recordings
The Cute LepersFuture Dreams
Let Them Know: The Story Of Youth Brigade And Byo Records / Byo Records
U.P.S.It Is Written
25th Anniversary Special Box Set / Self
XelaGilted RoseThe illuminated / Dekorder
RoyallenRoyallen's Motivational TapeRoyallen's Motivational Tape / Vanishing Hour Revival
john teshvarious samplestour de france / kill me now
Jliat/Now Thats What I Call Noise Vol. 3 / Jliat
Black NastyAfrican GirlsFeed from the /
frank chuinterviewed
marty robbinsbandits songmore gunfighter ballads and trail songs / columbia
david armstrongthe geniegalactic groove /
perspectivesside aperspectives / vanishing hour revival
ken griffinzorba the greekmillion seller hits of 1966 in the ken griffin style /

------0300------ /

machete usacommon berries + candy wallpaperhow a kid should live / vanishing hour revival
Salvador Dali & Igor Wakhevitch1Entre Dieu /
Mark BradleyTrack 1A Forever Heaven / Midori
Jliat/Now Thats What I Call Noise Vol. 3 / Jliat
Peat RaamurSide BStentor Cilia / Rotifer Cassettes
Katherine YoungOrbis Tertius
Further Secret Origins / Porter Records
Salvador Dali & Igor WakhevitchTrack 3Entre Deu /
Via SinistraeCourageous Mutation 4
Lehadbik / Black Note Music
BenevolentsSide AStill Excavation / Housecraft

------0400------ /

Jean Michel JarreEquinoxe Parte IIEquinoxe / Dreyfus
Raymond ScottBendix 1: The Tomorrow People
Dj Spooky - Sound Unbound Audio Companion / Sub Rosa
Gas Gathers Hands Gathers Friendswe're wise cutting feels fineGas Gathers Hands Gathers Friends / Jugu - Split / Vanishing Hour Revival
Crepuscule TrioDrumbells
Unveil / Circumvention Music
NyndkIves: Remembrance
Hunting Of The Snark, The / Jazzheads
Gjoll.At The Hanging Of The Last Career Politicians
Sum Of Transformations / Ant-Zen
Frank ChuChuwin' the Fat with Frank Chu
AbolicaoSIde BVersai Yenisei / Rotifes Cassettes

------0500------ /

Josh Burke4242 / Midnight Star Media
Oren Ambarachia final kiss on poisoned cheeksa final kiss on poisoned cheeks / table of elements
charles balllikes lievens sweaters
HototgisuClouds on field LPPale Fatal Sister /
Columns / Tilt Records
bj nilsen & stilluppsteypatrack 1milan sandbleistift /
Secret AbuseMust Leave Sometimethe immesurable gift / arbor
tusco terrorferal cousinsemeralds / tusco terror split lp / ecstatic peace
mike shifletside bcycles / 905 tapes

------0600------ /

bj nilsen & stilluppsteypaside 2 track 2milan sandbleistift /
jigging pewside asquawroot bandicle / Rotifes Cassettes
WarmthLeave Your Wet
Leave Your Wet Brain In The Hot Sun / Digitalis Industries
Melting Point / Black Note Music
form a logside aform a log / / totem mold growth split / 905 tapes
Jeremy BeckMeditation
Never Final, Never Gone / Innova Recordings
Oneohtrix Point NeverGrief and RepetitionRussian Mind / Not Not Fun
D.a.the hatclingodeon / olde english spelling bee
j. smithtoo fat polkathe magic organ polka album / ranwood records

------0700------ /

3, 2, 1 ... Live, 2007.09.20 At 22:00 / Dbcl Recordings
MudboyIn Which The Sea Hag Is Lead Away Or We Are Led By Her?
Hungry Ghosts! These Songs Are Doors / Digitalis Industries
bad repmail chickswe like folk noise, who cares, destroy us cs / green records and tapes
stick to the back teehthis machine doesn't kill anybodywe like folk noise, who cares, destroy us cassette / green records and tapes
maniacs dreamside azanzibar cassette / lai lai lai
frank chu12 galaxies
al qaedapart ianother family visit / rotifer cassettes
Richard Millhouse NixonOn Releasing The Watergate TapesGreat Speeches Of The 20th Century. Vol. 4: Best Of Times, Worst Of Times / Rhino Records
machete usaside bmachete usa / Vanishing Hour Revival
Julia WolfeStronghold (For Eight Double Basses)Dark Full Ride / Cantaloupe Music
perspectivesside bperspectives / Vanishing Hour Revival

------0800------ /

crzy dreams bandside abasement tapes / ecstatic peace
James FerraroLeft Behind: Postremo Mundus Techno Symposium, Side 2Citrac LP / Abor
Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las VegasHeaven or Las Vegas / 4ad
Wes WillenbringA Half-Hearted Apology
Close, But Not Too Close / Hidden Shoal
Pink BUffaloside BBelvedere / rotier cassettes
Grdina, Gordon / East Van StringsNaveli Joon
Breathing Of Statues, The / Songlines Recordings
Clarinet ThingCry, Want
Cry, Want / Bc Records
sundog peacehouseside bbrosound / digitalis
Maurizio Bianchidas platinzeitalterDas Platinzeitalter / weird forest
My Bloody ValentineYou Never ShouldIsn't Anything / Creation Records Limited