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Sun Apr 11, 2010 3pm - 6pm 
Howard HelloTelevisionHoward Hello / Temporary Residence
Philip GlassGlassworks/Analog: Mad Rush For Organ
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
Four TetLove Cry
There Is Love In You / Domino Recording Company
Aphex TwinBtoum-RoumdaDrukqs / London-Sire Records
Boards of CanadaWhitewaterBoc Maxima / Music70
MahjonggPontiacKontpab / K
Lucky DragonsLark's TonguesFuture Feelings / Undereducated
MujuiceNothingCool Cool Death / World Club Music
MetaformAnd Shine
Beats From The Crypt: Early Works / Self
Lymbyc SystemLate Night Classic
Shutter Release / Mush Records
Mucky The DuckyTrack 1
J++2 / Self
Animal CollectiveQueen In My PicturesCampfire Songs / Paw Tracks
James BlackshawRunning to the GhostThe Cloud of Unkowing / Tompkins Square
Kallikak FamilyGuitar 2May 23 2007 /
Mason LindahlNine
Serrated Man Sound / Porter Records
BrackenThey Cut The Tapes and Scattered (Remote Viewer Remix)We Cut The Tapes and Scattered /
Secret MommyTrust Me, CubPlays / ACHE
Philip JeckFanfaresSand / Touch
The Album LeafTied Knots
A Chorus Of Storytellers / Sub Pop Records
EluviumMaking Up Minds
Similes / Temporary Residence
Jónsi & AlexSleeping Giant
Riceboy Sleeps / Xl Recordings
Wes WillenbringThe Anti-Social Aesthetic
Close, But Not Too Close / Hidden Shoal
Kid 606CircumventThe Illness / Tigerbeat6
FenneszOnsayVenice / Touch
FridgeOur Place in ThisThe Sun / Temporary Residence
Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi KabaddiBlue完全な昼間 / 7 e.p.
Plastik JoyImperfect Diarchies
3:03 / N5MD
Four TetPlastic People
There Is Love In You / Domino Recording Company
Kallikak FamilyMay 23 2007May 23 2007 /
ClusterHollywoodZuckerzeit / BRAIN
Hudson MohawkeFruit Touch
Butter / Warp Records
Naoise / Anticon
EdisonOh Brother, This Is Where Things Began to BurnNot What Ships Are Built For /
Ambivalence Avenue / Warp Records
Sleeping CitizensCalifornia feat. Sean Sestak, Tanmay BuchInput/Output EP /
Battery CollectionMaybe Almost Done (Tehn Remix)Future Ruins /
EdanEcho Party
Echo Party / Five Day Weekend