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Thu Jun 03, 2010 6am - 9am 
Cooper-Moore/Assif TsaharTells Untold
Tells Untold / Hopscotch Records
ZeitgeistMedek: Into The Same River [sections A, B]In Bone-Colored Light / Innova Recordings

John ZornEnokenClassic Guide to Strategy, the / Tzadik Records
NozenNo Soap
Live! Au Upstairs / Malasartes Musique
V.M. Bhatt & Matt MalleyThe Scalding Rain
Sleepless Nights / World Village
Sperry, MatthewFourSolo Bass Vol. 1 / Limited Sedition

Cline, Nels SingersFloored
Initiate / Cryptogramophone
Chicago Underground DuoLaughing With The Sun
Boca Negra / Thrill Jockey Records
-- (7:00 a.m.) --
MetaluxTractors Of The Mind
Metalux / Kk Rampage (Split 12") / Rampage Recordings
New Haven Improvisers CollectiveNordic Lines
Inflection / Nhic Records

SonoreBroken Hymn
No One Ever Works Alone / Okka Disk
Z_Bug4th Viewing
Passings Of A Window Sil / Dbcl Recordings

Kaiser Smith WalterImprovisation 2
Plane Crash / Ugexplode Records
Alexander Von SchlippenbachThorn AppleDigger's Harvest / Fmp Records
Léandre / Vidal / BoniTractile
Trace / Red Toucan
Diaz-Infante, Ernesto And Manuel Mota, Gino Robair, Ernesto RodriguesNosso Rosto EmpireOur Faceless Empire / Pax Recordings

-- (8:00 a.m.) --
The Genius Of Charlie ChristianGood Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special) [by theSolo Flight / Cbs Records
Misha MengelbergEronelTwo Days in Chicago / Hat Hut
Rainey, Tom TrioThree Bag MaryPool School / Clean Feed
Alan Sondheim & Myk FreedmanTrack G
Julu Twine / Porter Records

Butcher, John/Gino Robair/Matthew SperryTrio OneNew Langton Arts 2000 / Limited Sedition
Sperry, MatthewMeridian Gallery 2Solo Bass Vol. 2 / Limited Sedition
Anthony BraxtonComposition No. 287 (Quintet) [excerpt]
Six Compositions (Gtm) 2001 / Rastascan Records

Rova & Nels Cline SingersTrouble Ticket
Celestial Septet, The / New World Records