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Sat Jul 10, 2010 6pm - 9pm 
Eparistera Daimones / Century Media
RamessesHand Of Glory
Take The Curse / Ritual Productions
ColiseumBlind In One Eye
House With A Curse / Temporary Residence
HammerheadAmerican RampageEthereal Killer / Amphetamine Reptile
Kowloon Walled CityClockwork
Gambling On The Richter Scale / Wordclock

RomeWe Who Fell In Love With The Sea
Under The Weight Of Light - Project 2010 / Projekt Records
Pain TeensSacrificial ShackSacrificial Shack/Sweetheart 7" / C/Z
WrnlrdGenitalMyrmindom / Flinco Sound Systems
Husere Grav / TrtrkmmrHusere Grav: Shadow Ceremony
Split Album, Unknown [ 2009 ] / Unknown
Expo 70Entering The Night On A Highway Of Astral ProjectionAnimism / Kill Shaman

BugsBloody MessCOLL: Bloodstains Across Sweden / Redrum
108Death Comes RippingViolent World / Caroline/Astralwerks
Blackout (Minneapolis)SecretsCOLL: Profane Existence #56 / Profane Existence
CrumbsuckersInterludeLife of Dreams / Combatcore
Blut & EisenDDRCOLL: U Boats Attack America / Flipside (1986)

Remains of the DayUnder a Banished SkyCrimes Against Humanity Sampler / Crimes Against Humanity
Artimus PyleOpiateCivil Dead / Prank
DeathreatRuns DryDeathreat / Prank
Mohoram AttaOne Thousand Hands
Thou/Mohoram Atta - Split - The Degradation Of Human Life / Halo Of Flies

Sunday Morning Einstein'sModel Citizen no 1
Kangnave / Prank
AvskumLosers Union
Punkista / Prank
Arson AnthemHammer Them Out
Arson Anthem / Housecore Records
Loud PipesStressed to DeathWorld Domination Ii / Osmose Productions
DisfearLive The Storm
Live The Storm / Relapse Records

KerasphorusSwarm Intelligentsia
Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn / Nuclear War Now!
Embrace Of ThornsCeremonial Rites Of Fornication
Atonement Ritual / Nuclear War Now!
In AeternumDemon PossessionPast and Present Sins / Necropolis Records
EntombedShreds of FleshStranger Aeons / (Unknown)

Emissions Of Negativity2
Emissions Of Negativity / Tilt Recordings
Oranssi PazuzuDanjon Nolla/Danjon's ZeroMuukalainen Puhuu / Violent Journey
LifeloverMental Central DialougeKonkurs / Avantgarde
AtomizerAll Disfigured And BlueCaustic Music For The Spirtiually Bankrupt / Hell's Headbangers
HellhammerEuronymousSatanic Rites / Hellhammer Maniac
SaluteStand BackAbove The Law / Totestrieb

Running WildGenghis KhanGates to Purgatory / Noise
HiraxBaptized By FireRaging Thrash Split / Deep Six Records
Paintbox(Alternative Future)Cry of the Sheeps / Prank
Forced ExpressionApeshapesApeshapes / Reek Havoc

Cyanide (UK)FireballCyanide / Captain Oi!
Red #9DependencyGirl Crazy / Remedial Records
The ObsessorsDetrimental Decline
Living Under The Power Lines / Braindart Records
Guinea WormsBbq
Sorcererers Of Madness - (4rd Year In A Row!) / Columbus Discount Records

Kim Ki OViseVise/Bana Yaklasma / Beko Dsl
Ps Stamps BackArt As An Excrement Of Creation
Absence / Suckerpunch