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Mon Feb 17, 2003 midnight - 3am 
JZoneStaircase 2 Stage12" / Ol'Maid Entertainment
Ras KassunknownVan Goh / unknown
Non-PhixionFull monty12" / Battle Axe Records
Large ProfessorBlaze Rhymes 2 DirtyRadio Active / Matador Records
Ras KassunknownVan Goh / unknown
BicasoElevation12" / Living Legends Crew
DefariRoll It12" / Likwit Crew
DreamweaversSub-incision12" / L'Rons Records
Gza/GeniusFamLegend of the Liquid Sword / Mca Records (Hip-Hop)
Bumpy KnucklesIndustry ShakedownIndustry Shakedown / Legend Records
J-LiveThe Lyricist12" / 7Heads
ScrewballOn Point12" / Wreck Records
Mr. ComplexUnderground UpHold This Down / 7Heads
Ge-Ology feat. Sadat X & Talib KweliCommunicate remix12" / Up Above Records
J-88That Ya Like12" / Goodvibe Records
Athletic Mic LeagueDon't It12" / Lab Technicians
Al-ShidM.A.T.H. DirtyBig Hit, the / Old Maid
13Slow Burnin'12" / ABB Records
Heiroglyphicsunknown12" / Hiero Emporium
Team DemolitionNature Rise12" / Depth Charge Recordings
Dj Jazzy JeffHow I DoThe Magnificent LP / BBE
Gza/GeniusAnimal PlanetLegend of the Liquid Sword / Mca Records (Hip-Hop)
ArsonistsFat Laces12" / Matedor Records