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Wed Dec 15, 2010 10pm - midnight 
CoilQueens of the Circulating LiLive One / World Serpent Dist.
ElectrelaneGone Darker
Axes / Too Pure
Xu Xu FangChina GirlWe Were So Turned On: A Tribute To David Bowie /

Maus HausWinter
Winter / Zig Zag - Single / Rocinante Records
Gold PandaSame Dream China
Lucky Shiner / Ghostly International
Legendary Pink DotsJust a LifetimeCrushed Velvet Apocalypse /
Z_Bug2010.10.09 Live Mono ExerptLive @ The Wild Beast Pavilion / DBCL Recordings

Holl andTylenolYour Orgasm / Darla Records
Matthew DearGemBlack City /
Rosa YemenHerpes SimplexPress COlor /
Threshold / Not Not Fun
Lou ReedYou Wear it So WellRock and Roll Heart /
Gruff RhysShark Ridden Waters

Black MayonnaiseRadiation
Dissi Pative Structure / Fedora Corpse Records
AirHow Does it Make You Feel?10000Hz LEgend /
Jeans WilderSimpler Times
Simpler Times / La Station Radar Records
Fool, The / Rough Trade Records
Bob Hoskins in the Long Good NIghtFinal SceneCheck out the movie /
High WolfSolar System Is My God
Ascension / Not Not Fun
DesireUnder Your SpellII /
DiscodeineSynchronizeDiscolette Digital /

ApraxiaDna Nanobots (Function 13 Club Remix)
Grid, The / Self
BathsRain SmellCerulean /
Best CoastWhen I'm With You
Crazy For You / Mexican Summer
Small BlackSun Was High (And So Was I)New Chain /
Julian LynchJust EnoughMare /