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Sat Feb 19, 2011 9pm - midnight 
Nasty SavageInfernoIndulgence / Metal Blade
HellwitchMordirivial DisseminationSyzygial Miscreancy /
NauseaMind DeadCrime Against Humanity / Wild Rags
Disciples Of Christ12
Demo Ep / To Live A Lie
Disciples Of ChristLapse
Demo Ep / To Live A Lie
XbrainiaxFaith Mask
Deprogrammed / To Live A Lie
AgathoclesNumbersTLAL Sampler / To Live a Lie
DispepsiaaDonos Da Verdade
Small Doses / Mortville Noise
Nihilist CommandoHowls Of Repression
Small Doses / Mortville Noise
Strong IntentionA Wrench in the MachineEach Day Lived... An Act of De / Six Weeks
Sin 34Nuclear WarBuried Alive 2 / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
Miles DavisIn A Silent WayIn A Silent Way / Columbia Records (Jazz)
Duke EllingtonCaravanMoney Jungle /
AsylumAsylumThe Earth is the insane asylum of the world / Shadow Kingdom
UnorthodoxWell AwareBalance of Power /
Graves At SeaReclamationGraves At Sea/Asunder / Life Is Abuse
Disease Called ManCorporate Killing MachineDisease Called Man EP /
SamothraceLa Llorona
Life's Trade / 20 Buck Spin
DarkthroneIn the Shadow of the HornsA Blaze in the Northern Sky / Peaceville Records
Black SabbathMegalomaniaSabotage / WB
Buffalo SpringfieldBluebirdBuffalo Springfield / Atco Records
Buffalo SpringfieldBroken ArrowBuffalo Springfield / Atco Records
Savekusf.OrgSave KusfSavekusf.Org / Savekusf.Org
Neil YoungLook Out for My LoveUnplugged / Reprise Records (Modern)
Neil YoungWalk With Me
Le Noise / Reprise Records (Modern)
TodeskriegMiasma Of Noise
Miasma Of Noise / None
TodeskriegStillborn Phoenix
Miasma Of Noise / None
DeathTo Forgive Is to SufferSound Of Perseverance, The / Nuclear Blast America