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Sun Apr 24, 2011 4pm - 6pm 
Antoine BerthiaumeOh Mary!
Small Tease / Monorail Trespassing

Booka ShadeBody Language / InterpretationMovements /
KlangstabilVertraut - Rejected Remix By L'ombre
Vertraut / Ant-Zen
Instra:MentalScene 3
Mosaic Volume I / Exit Records
Metro AreaPinaMetro Area /
Igor BoxxTank
Breslau / Ninja Tune

GASUntitled (Track 2)Konigsforst /
Infidel?/Castro!Temporarily Dissolving Into
Bioentropic Damage Fractal / Crucial Blast
James FerraroUnknown Visitors
Pixarni / Muscleworks Inc.

Seti.beatcon05Pharos /
Slow Dancing Society...And To The Dust We Shall Return
Under The Sodium Lights / Hidden Shoal
WinterlightNational Geographic
Reconstruction Of Fives, The / N5MD

The Fiery FurnacesHere Comes the SummerEP /

String SwellDreams Without NumberFrom Here to Tranquily / Silent Records
Pop WindsThe Turquoise
Turquoise, The / Arbutus Records
Ambient Temple of ImaginationEarthquake-WaterMystery School / Silent Records

RapoonSanctumFallen Gods / Staalplaat
AntonymesThe Siren, Hopelessly Lost
License To Interpret Dreams, The / Hidden Shoal
Bruce HaackMaybe This Song
Farad: The Electric Voice / Stones Throw Records