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Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:30pm - 1am 
Thin LizzyJailbreakBordello of Blood / Mercury Records
Iron MaidenInnocent ExileKillers / Harvest Records
Nasty SavageGladiatorNasty Savage / Metal Blade
MotörheadStone Dead ForeverBomber /
SodomIron FistPersecution Mania /
Black SabbathJunior's EyesNever Say Die! / Warner Bros. Records
SaxonStreet Fighting GangWheels of Steel /
PentagramWalk In Blue Light
Last Rites / Metal Blade
GyibaawTranscending Into the Spirit of the GyibaawAncient War Hymns /
Off!Panic Attack
First Four Eps / Vice Music Inc
BudgieForearm SmashPower Supply /
MictlanPanoramas del MictlanDonde Habitan Los Muertos /
Saint VitusWar Is Our DestinyHeavier than Thou / Sst Records/New Alliance
Ghost TowerBlood Of The Black Witch
Curse Of The Black Blood / Evil Coven Records
Church Of MiseryWar Is Our Destiny (St. Vitus Cover)
Early Works Compilation / Emetic
Split: Mitochondrion / Gyibaaw / Siege Engine Records
Lotus FuckerThe Snake That Eats Its Own Tail
Lotus Fucker / Penis Geyser Split Ep (7") / Solar Funeral
AgathoclesKill Your Fucking IdolsTheatric Symbolisation of Life / Displeased
CacofoniaArnold Schwartzenegger Racist PigOh No Please Not Again! /
AnarchusSupreme CreationIncreasing the Hate /
SubvertorJusticia (Che Guevara)Cryptobiosis /
Progress of InhumanityClass SwineEscalating Decay / self-released
RotHidden From YourselfCruel Face of Life /
Sexy PoliceGravemover
Sexy Police (7" Ep) / Self Release
SakatatSrebrenicasplit with Agathocles / [this band is from Turkey!!!]
GodstomperExtreme Moshersplit with Irritate /
Ultimate BlowupSpastic Youth7" /
AgathoclesAbrir Las Puertas
Small Doses / Mortville Noise
A Warm GunNo GuidancePanic in the Face of Time /
DeceasedSkin Crawling Progress
Surreal Overdose / Patac
MausoleumWorld On Thin Ice
Mausoleum (Demo) / None