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Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:30am - 6am 
Vanishing Voice2029
Morning After, The / Three Lobed Recordings
Thunder Grey PilgrimBecoming
Ifomega / Debacle Records

Lasse MarhaugThe Quiet North
Quiet North, The / Second Layer Records

DuhIn Just
In Just / Red Toucan
Zac NelsonLumps Of Leaves
Same Hypnotic Point, The / Debacle Records
Penetration CampCunt
Pcpdep / Debacle Records
Hive / Debacle Records
No Mind Meditation2
Molecular Clock / Goldtimers Tapes
Experimedia 2011 Label Sampler / Experimedia

Richard SkeltonBrook
Marking Time / Preservation Records
Solar Temple SuicidesI Wish It Was 1,000 Years From Today...
Invisible Mind Dust / Sleepy Records
Karnak TemplesFoul Nest
Din Of Light, The / Debacle Records
Ave A / R.A.I.G.

CelerHow Dear This Ear Of Reason, Beneath The Backlit Sun
Panoramic Dreams Bathed In Seldomness / Basses Frequences
Bwana IfDeath To The 8 Notes
Assemble.Age! / Mutablemusic
Super MineralsAncient Creatures
Plankton Wat / Super Minerals Split / Stunned Records
6majik9Lindsay Lohan
Kate Moss / Music Your Mind Will Love You
Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan YuenTold Outloud Indoors
Keep Your Hands / Debacle Records

Wyrm + Rats With WingsSymptom 2
Death Inducing Signaling Complex / Roil Noise Records
Golden VomitUntitled 1Eternal Madness / 26 Volts Of Danger
Mood OrganUntitled Ii
Visiting A Burning Museum / Debacle Records
TuusanuuskatTippa 5
Nääksää Nää Mun Kyyneleet / Fonal Records