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Sun Jan 29, 2012 midnight - 3am 
Bethesda SoftworksJazzy InterludeFallout 3 / Bethesda Softworks
Cowley, Neil TrioMonoface
Radio Silence / Naim Audio
Yo La TengoGreen ArrowI Can Hear the Heart Beating / Matador Records
Jerry MartinBumper to BumperSimcity 4 / EA Soundtracks
Jerry MartinSouth BridgeSimCity 3000 / EA Soundtracks
William CarnButter Side Down
Run Stop Run / Mythology Records
SiestaAsleep and DreamingReal Time / Self
MorphadronHack the PlanetNeed for Speed: Porsche Unleashed / EA Soundtracks
MorphadronDr. KnowNeed for Speed: Porsche Unleashed / EA Soundtracks

Ronald JenkeesStay CrunchyDisorganized Fun / Self
Emancipatorfirst snowsoon it will be cold enough /
TychoA Walk
Dive / Ghostly International
Dive / Ghostly International
Dive / Ghostly International
Dive / Ghostly International
GiraffageMomentsComfort / Self
Emancipatormapssoon it will be cold enough /
nervous_testpilotConcentrateFrozen Synapse /
Floating PointsSais
Shadows / Eglo Records

Richard StraussAlso Sprach Zaruthustra2001: A Space Odyssey - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / Columbia
Jami SieberMaenamHidden Sky /
Martin O'Donnell and Michael SalvatoriMetropoleHalo 2 Soundtrack / Sumthing Records
Martin O'Donnell and Michael SalvatoriNew AlexandriaHalo Reach Original Soundtrack / Sumthing Records
Martin O'Donnell and Michael SalvatoriRainHalo 3 ODST Original Soundtrack / Sumthing Records
Martin O'Donnell and Michael SalvatoriHigh Charity Suite 2Halo Legends /
Alan SilvestriEllie's BogeyContact /
Alan SilvestriI Believe HerContact /
Jean-Claude VannierSaturnin Vaca Vaca
Electro Rapide / B-Music

To Destroy A CityMarch
To Destroy A City / N5MD
MogwaiGet To France
Earth Division Ep / Sub Pop Records
ConelradTarget CityFunction Creep /
ConelradFaded GiantCommunity Shelter Planning /
Fall On Your SwordThe House Theme
Music From The Motion Picture Another Earth / Milan Records
Barn OwlThemple Of The Winds
Lost In The Glare / Thrill Jockey Records
Sky StadiumInto The Endless Clouds
Carpet Ride / Sacred Phrases
HammockSinking Inside Yourself Feat. Timebandit Powles Of The Church
Asleep In The Downlights / Hammock Music
M83Disc 1: When Will You Come Home?
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming / Mute Records

VangelisSpace Time ContinuumThe Music of Cosmos /
Benn JordanILouisiana Mourning /
Marika TakeuchiThe Arctic LightThe Arctic Light /
Ludovico EinaudiUna MattinaUna Mattina / Ponderosa music & art
Ludovico EinaudiNuvole BiancheUna Mattina / Ponderosa music & art
Erik SatieGymnopedie No. 1Melodies /
Benn JordanSunrise in Blue SkiesPale Blue Dot /