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Sun Apr 27, 2003 4pm - 6pm 
Lie@#$%@$%^&A Man Die and Become a Legend / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Astrid OtoNasser Pt. 2Discography / No Idea
DystrophySkatin for SatanNice Kids / Crucial Records
Nigel Pepper CockCoke PantsNew Way, the / Life Is Abuse
Born DeadDeadtimeBorn Dead / No Options Records
Orthrelm/Iorxhscimtor / None
the FuturesThe LightFutures/Wag Platy / Jerk Off Records
GOJust say GoWhy Suffer / Forefront Records
RadonFacial DisobedienceWe Bare All / No Idea
Scrotum GrinderPost-Teenage Redemption (ParGreatest Sonic Abomination Eve / Prank
Pig DestroyerPurity Undone
Pig Destroyer/ Gnob / Robodog Records
Naked RaygunNew DreamsAll Risse / Homestead Records
the GitsTwisting, BreathingSpear & Magic Helmet / Empty Records
Orchestre National De JazzCharmediterraneen
Charmediterraneen / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Shoko HikageChi: Part 1
Koto: Original Compositions / (Unknown)
Derek Bailey" 24Duo and Trio Improvisation / Diw
Bruckmann/Diaz-Infante/ShiurbaSpatial Agnosia
Grand Mal / Barely Auditable
the J.A.Z. TrioHaruwn's Groove
(Untitled) /