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Sun May 18, 2003 4pm - 6pm 
T.V. PersonalitiesPart Time PunksWanna buy a bridge / Rough Trade
Jack AcidGbhCome, We'll Move to Quieter Fi / Vandal Children Records
Holier than Thou?Infinity Plus Seven Divided
Holier than Thou? / Six Weeks
DystrophySkatin for SatanNice Kids / Crucial Records
PlanesmistakenforstarsEarning IreSpearheading the Sin Movement / No Idea
JonestownWe Are All ProstitutesJ Town Revisited / Allied Records
GrimpleVivisickUp Your Ass / Prank
InquisitionBulletproofIdeas Are Bulletproof / Soundhole
Immortal FateQuestion of ExistenceFaceless Burial / Drowned Productions
Ruhaedarundun(untitled) / Level Plane
Romantic GorillaHesitateSpazz/ Romantic Gorill / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Deadbodies EverywhereBrass Ring SchemeBuy a Bullet, Rent a Gun / Showpost Records
Breed/ExtinctionUntitledAlaska / Losing Face Records
Iron LungRegenerateDemonstrations in Pressure and / 625 Productions
Iron LungModified for Arm AbductionDemonstrations in Pressure and / 625 Productions
Erik HindsEmergence Part 1
Khonsay / Solponticello
Erik HindsEmergence Part 2
Khonsay / Solponticello
Mears/Tiner/Kikuchi/Johnson QuSkujellifeddy (Mcgranehan)
Who Knows the Wicker Man? / Little Green Records
Andrew DruryVaxjo Kollektiv
A Momentary Lapse / Innova Recordings
Carla Kihlstedt50 Miles
2 Foot Yard / Tzadik Records
Subarachnoid SpaceDateland
Also Rising / Strange Attractors Audio
Cul De SacHalf Lost in Nothingness
Death of the Sun / Strange Attractors Audio
Mouse on MarsTiplet Metal Plate
Glam / Thrill Jockey Records