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Thu Mar 21, 2013 midnight - 6am 
Blood / Constellation Tatsu
Komodo HauntsOlor Food
Low Winged, Silken Plumes / Sangoplasmo Records

Crystal PalaceA
Spirit Quest / Rotifer
Jahillya FieldsAAAAAUniversal Hexagram / Long Island Electriccal Systems
Nicholas SzczepanikWhat Remains Of The River
You're All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary / Self
Human FoodNew York Jazz
First Magnum Opus Of Human Food, The / Self

insect factorynew incisionmelodies from a dead radio / fabrica
Jefre Cantu-LedesmaThe Light Years
Devotion / Devotion
Billy TsounisLanding On Neptune
Music For Your Vacation / Self
Flamenco Abstractions / Elegua
Steven BrownDay #1
Music For Restrooms / Sonic Circuits
Opus 2 / Kranky
Common Eider, King EiderOn A River Of Blood, In A Boat Made Of Skin
Earth Liver / Black Horizon

Duane PitreSection I
Feel Free / Important Records
Duane PitreSection Ii
Feel Free / Important Records
Duane PitreSection Iii
Feel Free / Important Records
Duane PitreSection Iv
Feel Free / Important Records
Duane PitreSection V
Feel Free / Important Records
The Designated MournerBrus
Clarinet Quartets / Fedora Corpse Records
Gareth Davis & Frances Marie UittiFelt
Gramercy / Miasmah Records
Estamos EnsembleHoppin' John
Jimpani Kustakwa Ka Jankwariteecherï / Edgetone Records
Jurica JelicOn Rainy Sunset (Cello)
Distant Memories / Alrealon

Roberto CacciapagliaElectric Avenues
Sonanze/Sonances And Other Works 1972 - 1975 / Proper
Maersk / Self
Tim HeckerADropped Pianos / Kranky
Jerry KauferrD1S1Vocabulary Development Program / Scott, Foresman, and Company
Jerry KauferrD2S2Vocabulary Development Program / Scott, Foresman and Company
zac nelsonnomesssound a sleep sound / bathetic
The North SeaIntimidation Tactics
Grandeur & Weakness / Rubber City Noise
Andrew Weathers EnsembleAnchor
Guilford County Songs / Solotechne Records

Jakobsons, Marielle VPurple Sands
Glass Canyon / Students Of Decay
Anla CourtisA-Garden (With Campbell Kneale)
Torrid, The / Porter Records
Alexandre NavarroSouvenirs
Sketches / Constellation Tatsu
Markus MehrDuck Became Swan
On / Hidden Shoal
Jd EmmanuelAdrift In The Gamma Quadrant
Time Traveler / Aguirre
Laurie SpiegelAppalachian Grove Ii
Expanding Universe, The / Unseen Worlds