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Fri Apr 19, 2013 midnight - 6am 
The North SeaVagrant
Grandeur & Weakness / Rubber City Noise
Billy TsounisMeal Ticket Desperation
Music For Your Vacation / Self
Steve LiebermanMourn For Me Like The Prophet
My Magic Last Days / Jdub Records

Insect FactorySide B (33 on 45)Melodies from a Dead Radio / Fabrica

Ty Segall & White FenceScissor People
Hair / Drag City
La Revolucion de Emiliano ZapataCiudad Perdida7" / Polydor
i have no idea(??)(some dusty old 7") / with Russian letters I can't read
Sotho SoundsHa Kele Monateng
Junk Funk / World Music Network
Abbasi, Rez TrioThe Cure
Continuous Beat / Enja Records

TyvekWayne County Roads
On Triple Beams / In the Red Records
ImpalersSee What I See
Power Behind The Throne / Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Triac(Triac side)Triac/DOC split 12" / RSR
BlockheadsFinal Arise
This World Is Dead / Relapse Records

PortalThe Back Wards
Vexovoid / Profound Lore
Duane PitreSection Iv
Feel Free / Important Records
High Aura'dHodge's Lament
You're All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary / Self

Planning For BurialIn The Water That Washes Onto The Shore
You're All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary / Self
Ash BorerPhantoms
Cold Of Ages / Profound Lore
Keith JarrettAutumn LeavesAt the Blue Note: 6/4/94 Set 1 / Ecm Records (Jazz)

Flute Music of the FulaBengsimbeAfrican Flutes / Folkways Records
Flute Music of the FulaYergoAfrican Flutes / Folkways Records
FulaProditionAfrican Flutes / Folkways Records
FulaSarsangAfrican Flutes / Folkways Records
FulaSerebaAfrican Flutes / Folkways Records

Deep MagicDark Retreat
Closed Eyes / Debacle Records
Shorter, Wayne QuartetPegasus
Without A Net / Blue Note

Ashwin BatishNew Delhi ViceFusion of Rock & Indian Music / Batish Records
SaloOrbitron Revoluto
Sundial Lotus / Innova Recordings
ParliamentDr. FunkensteinLive: P-Funk Earth Tour / Polygram Records
Dimples DSucker DJSingle / Warlock
Wu Tang ClanRadioTriumph / Loud Records
Eric B. & RakimLet The Rhythm Hit 'emLet The Rhythm Hit 'em / Mca Records
Eric B. & RakimNo OmegaLet The Rhythm Hit 'em / Mca Records
Tommy JohnsonCool Drink Of Water BluesLegends Of Country Blues Disc D / Jsp Records
Son HouseFo' Clock BluesLegends Of Country Blues Disc B / Jsp Records
TinariwenOualahila Ar Tesninam
Amassakoul / World Village
Amassakoul / World Village
Phuong Dung(Riddles)
Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974 / Sublime Frequencies

Quiet EveningsTelepathic Heart
Impressions / Aguirre
EthernetDog Star
Opus 2 / Kranky