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Fri Jun 06, 2003 midnight - 3am 
WhileShelfLock / Chocolat Records
Ghost CauldronFire Walk with MeInvent Modest Fires / !K7 Records
Mouse on MarsRerelease Hysteresis
Glam / Thrill Jockey Records
Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml / Important Records
Funki PorciniBack Home
Fast Asleep / Ninja Tune
L'ombreVagrantMedicine for the Meaningless / Ant-Zen
The League of Crafty GuitaristsBicycling to Afghanistan... / ...
Grand UlenaTotal Joplin
Gateway to Dignity / Family Vineyard
DownLysergik Funeral ProcessionIi / Elektra Records (Metal)
CodecMaelstromTension / Component Records
OvalGabba NationSystemisch / Thrill Jockey Records
Nine Inch NailsThe Great CollapseThings Falling Apart / Nothing Records
BeansSlow Broken
Tomorrow Right Now / Warp Records
Rolo TomaseFightins
Plan B / Sic Audio Reproductions
Tom LubitzHires Syndication ObscuritySound Sculpting / AWA Records
Schneider TmThe Light 30006 Peace Ep / Mute Records
Larry KucharzU310Techno Unit 32 - Misc. Tracks / International Audiochrome
Earnest HonestScratch Mass
Novamute - 2CDS & MP3S / Mute Records
TortoiseJettyTnt / Thrill Jockey Records
Imitation Electric PianoChronicle of a SplitTrinity Neon / Drag City
AfxRemixAphex Twin - 26 Mixes / Warp Records
Mike LanglieSourpuss
Twink / Acidsoxx Music
Dino FelipeSlutt Petal (2 Crunch)
Xanaconversex / Schematic Music Company
Quake Trap Collective / Quaketrap Recordings
OrishaLooking the Wrong WayOrisha / Sounds for Space Records
Analog Worms AttackWho Do We Think Of?Analog Worms Attack / AWA Records
DownloadToooly HooofIii / Nettwerk Productions
Glass, PhilipA Gentleman's HonorThe Photographer / ...
George SarahGrey World Under Electric LtOssia / Transistor Recordings
Twat/Face / Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrac
Tibor SzemzoLike Kaylash
South of no North / Leo Records