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Sat Feb 01, 2014 7pm - 9pm 
Melt-BananaMy Missing Link
Fetch / A-Zap
DeerhoofOur Angel's UluluReveille / Kill Rock Stars
DeerhoofOffend Maggie
Offend Maggie / Kill Rock Stars
DeerhunterNeither Of Us, Uncertainly
Microcastle / Kranky
Stephen Vitiello & Molly BergFrom Here
Between You And The Shapes You Take / 12k
The Pack A.D.Needles
Do Not Engage / Nettwerk Records
Gang Gang DanceGlass Jar
Eye Contact / 4AD
Gang of FourTo Hell with PovertyPeel Sessions / Strange Fruit
The HermsVolleyball
Drop Out, Vol. 1 / Castle Face Records
Iii / Guilt Ridden Pop
IsisHand Of The Host
Wavering Radiant / Ipecac Records
DucktailsWish Hotel
Wish Hotel / Domino
Herind Und Seine Sieben SachenSky City Aerial Tramway
Tour Tape 2013 / Sicsic Tapes
Secret PyramidA Descent
Movements Of Night / Students Of Decay
Billy Gober Ed.D.Stretch It (Stretching Activity)Sittercise / Kimbo Educational
Dog BiteCold Weather
La / Carpark Records
Black Sun EnsembleBastet (Featuring Carl Hall)
Behind Purple Clouds / Slow Burn Records
Lightning BoltSound Guardians
Earthly Delights / Load Records
Talking HeadsTotally NudeNaked / Sire Records
Laurel HaloAinnome
Chance Of Rain / Hyperdub
Quiet LifeWild Pack
Wild Pack / Self
HawkwindMaster of the UniverseSpace Ritual / United Artists
Jeff LedererI'll Take A Dozen!!!
Swing 'n' Dix / Little(I)