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Mon Feb 03, 2014 4pm - 6pm 
TheologianGore-Stained Ramparts
Some Things Have To Be Endured / Crucial Blast
Sutekh HexenDhumavati's Hunger
Monument Of Decay / Black Horizons
Sutekh HexenDakhma
Monument Of Decay / Black Horizons

Ave A / R.A.I.G.
Apt J(Ext)Ie IrrchieSunshine Bus Rider
Night Wearing Feathers / Sunshine Bus Rider / Black Horizons

Moira ScarTelepathos
Scarred For Life / Resipiscent
Psalm ZeroForce My Hand
Force My Hand / Last Things
NecronoclastEnter The Opacity
Plague, The / Moribund Cult
DysthymiaRotten And Diminished
Depression And Hatred Of 3 Years / Pest Productions

T.O.M.B.The Great Venerat Insult
Third Wave Holocaust / Malignant Records
Happy CadavresSpider of GodDanse Macabre / Danse Macabre
Father MurphyLet The Wrong Rise With You
Pain Is On Our Side Now / Aagoo Records
Father MurphyThey Will All Fail You
Pain Is On Our Side Now / Aagoo Records
Blood Of The Black OwlTwo Rivers At The Tree Line
Light The Fires! / Bindrune