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Sat Mar 08, 2014 6am - 9am 
Calypso BorealisIhe Shikaaguma
Agaw Shasha / Space Slave
MurmuristsI Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You
I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You / Alrealon Musique
RasalhagueSqualor Prison
Rage Inside The Window / Malignant Records

Howling LarsonsAirFool Of Sound And Furry / Anticlock Records
Joel VandroogenbroeckA1 Dark Plasma
Biomechanoid Lp / Aguirre
Queen GodisFire
Les Nubians Present Echos, Chapter 1: "Nubian Voyager" / Triloka Records

Knotted CordDeep
Heavy Minerals / Self
BloodtestHousewife in Back of MindLip: Cd with Big Mouth / Ruby Throat
Plan BOrangesI'm The Captain, Where We Going? / Ggoo22
Montefiori CocktailUn Uomo, Una DonnaRaccolta no 1 / Irma America

Petar DundovCradle
Sailing Off The Grid / Music Man Records

Kk RampageSermon Of The Snake
Alone With The Devil / Rampage Recordings
Ghost BikeOne Step
Sun Of The Dead / N5MD
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial OrchestraTake Away These Early Grave Blues
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything / Constellation Records

Morceaux De MachinesOnanisme
Estrapade / No Type
Ping PongGoin' Downhill
Best of Cookin', the / Ubiquity Records
Andy MineoYou Can't Stop Me
Never Land / Reach Records

Hinterland / Ghostly International
The Dutchess And The DukeSunrise/Sunset
Sunset/Sunrise / Hardly Art
Georges MontalbaDanse Macabre
Pipe Organ Favorites / Hit Thing

Plan to PinkThe Soap Opera
Debutante Ball / Extra Small Records
Angel OlsenWhite Fire
Burn Your Fire For No Witness / Jagjaguwar
Old Time RelijunSabertooth Tyger
Songbook, Volume One / Northern Spy
GommOrganic UnityLe Nouveau Rock N Roll / Chronowax

MaynonI Am VampireGrand Horror Spectacle Songs / Self
Of Course You Do / Ba Da Bing!
Gunther DougDanger House
Gunther Doug / Self